planet earth BBC complete series on bluray reduced to £25.47 @ AmazonUK
planet earth BBC complete series on bluray reduced to £25.47 @ AmazonUK

planet earth BBC complete series on bluray reduced to £25.47 @ AmazonUK

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had this in my basket for ages waiting for it to reduce

was kicking myself i didnt pick it up in marks and sparks 3 for 2 deal on their 20% off day

if someone could add picture much appreciated

the blurb from amazon page
Amazon.co.uk Review
Not only is Planet Earth one of the most jaw-dropping, ambitious, nature documentaries the BBC has ever produced, its now taken on another role: as a superb demonstration disc for the potential of HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Spread over a good ten hours, the series charts life and nature in dozens upon dozens of differing locations around the earth. Diligently and warmly narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Planet Earth calmly goes close in on its subject matter when required, and then pulls out some stunning perspective shots that are simply breathtaking. Its hard to come up with the right superlatives to do the photography on the programme any kind of justice, and that its married to such fascinating subject matter is all the better.

And if you think the original broadcast of Planet Earth was something special, or you were gobsmacked by the picture quality on DVD, just wait until you see it in 1080p HD glory. Particularly some of the broader shots here are all but without parallel, and its a real reward for those who have invested ahead of the crowd in high definition technology.

Presented over five discs, and matching wonderful content to spot-on visual presentation, Planet Earth is now not just a landmark in nature documentary film making. Its also a chartermark of quality for just what HD DVD and Blu-ray can offer. A stunning release, in more than one sense. --Jon Foster

DVD Description
From the team behind the multi-winning Blue Planet comes this epic series celebrating the Earth as never before. Embracing the worlds incredible landscapes and fascinating wildlife, Planet Earth takes the definitive look at the diversity of our planet.

Four years in the making, with a budget of unprecedented proportions, Planet Earth has stretched the boundaries of natural history television. High definition photography, revolutionary ultra-high speed cameras and detailed images from the air enabled the series to capture the most amazing footage ever seen.

This stunning television experience combines rare action, unimaginable scale, impossible locations and intimate moments with our planets best-loved, wildest and most elusive creatures. From the highest mountains to the deepest rivers, this blockbuster series takes you on an unforgettable journey through the challenging seasons and the daily struggle for survival in Earths most extreme habitats. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the beauty of Planet Earth.

Including: Natural World: Desert Lions & Snow Leopards
The BBCs flagship natural history series Natural World has consistently produced amazing wildlife stories with breathtaking imagery. These two gems from the series feature incredible footage of these rare, beautiful and magnificent big cats.

"Expect everything from underwater elephants to mountains of guano and a snow leopard in attack mode Pure Class"-- The Guardian


An absolute bargain for a fantastic series. A Blu-Ray must have. Voted HOT :thumbsup:


hot price, cheapest so far on BD, got it from Woolworths online a few months ago for about £29, my last ever purchase from Woolies.:oops:

Great series, well worth the price to see in such amazing quality!

anybody know if this is region free?

My wife works for M&S and I benefit from 20% discount anyway so thought about doing this some time ago. However Blu Ray discs come under the "Technology" category and are therefore not part of the extra 20%. Shame.

I got the original version last year for my b'day, and this year got the BD version. The difference in quality is unbeleivable. If you have a PS3 or BD player get this. You know it makes sense. H&R added.

Bargain voted hot.

thanks ... ordered

hot if you have time on your hands

If you have the equipment you owe it to yourself to pick this up!

Hot. Ordered.
I've been waiting for it.


anybody know if this is region free?

Region: All Regions

omfg just ordered a second copy - im hopin woolworths is still open so i can return first, otherwise 2 ppl will be getin this year :P

Was just about to buy this today in town, how i love this site

Thanks a lot.... this is the site of the year!

I was looking for it for long time! and today is the day i ordered! :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot for beolight and this wonderful site!!!!!

£5 a blu-ray

Nice one, ordered. H&R added.

Cheers. Great price and ordered one. Hot and rep added.


Thanks a lot.... this is the site of the year!I was looking for it for … Thanks a lot.... this is the site of the year!I was looking for it for long time! and today is the day i ordered! :thumbsup:Thanks a lot for beolight and this wonderful site!!!!!£5 a blu-ray

£5 eh?.....couple of years yet me thinks!


Heat added


£5 eh?.....couple of years yet me thinks!

5 discs for £25... :thumbsup:

They're not far off though, i mean i got the Matrix Trilogy for £22 and that works out just over £7 a BR
and i picked up The Departed for £8.

Tempting at this price:)

Been wanting this for ages.Great find cheers:)

Well spotted.
Ordered thankyou.:thumbsup:

Damn... i was waiting for this...

thanks dude! :-D

Heat added!

A big thank you :santa:

Great bargain, ordered last night

Damn it! I so want to buy this, but this side of Christmas its not great timing!

Oh HUKD, why do you play with my emotions so.... :?

Doh! I paid £35 for this!:x

Sir David Attenborough = LEGEND.

COLD...... for making me sad

I bought this for £38 few weeks ago and not watched it yet.
for £25 it is abargin hot hot from me

Thanks :thumbsup:

Great find voted hot hot hot, well hot seeing as I can only vote once but you get the gist, thank you for this off to order it now!!!

fyi it's in woolworths for £26.42 if anyone wants to buy it in a shop rather than online...
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