Planet Earth (BBC Series) - 5 Disc Box Set - £21.95 delivered (w/voucher)
Planet Earth (BBC Series) - 5 Disc Box Set - £21.95  delivered (w/voucher)

Planet Earth (BBC Series) - 5 Disc Box Set - £21.95 delivered (w/voucher)

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Offer of the week at Hmv - Planet Earth (BBC Series) 5 Disc Box Set reduced to just £24.95. Use discount code: AK5335, to bring it down to just £21.95 delivered.

Features: Contains All 11 Episodes (50 Minutes Per Episode) | Planet Earth Diaries - 13 x 10 Minute Features | Planet Earth: The Future - Companion Documentary Exclusive To DVD 3 x 60 Minutes


Very nice Thanks Cat! Great series and will make a good pressie for someone ;-)

Begins with a "Q" ends in an "o", don't forget it.

Q _ _ _ _ o

Excellent series... thanks Cat

Nothing but http://g-ec2.images-amazon.com/images/G/02/x-locale/common/customer-reviews/stars-5-0.gif rating @ Amazon. Few reviews here :-

http://g-ec2.images-amazon.com/images/G/02/x-locale/common/customer-reviews/stars-5-0.gifUnquestionable brilliance, 23 Jun 2006
I have never in my life seen anything like this series. I had thought that the Blue Planet, also by the BBC, was the pinnacle of achievement of wildlife television. The deep sea episode had left me breathless, but that proved nothing compared to Planet Earth. The effort that went into this series is obvious. Only at the end of each show when we spend time with each of the crews do we really get a sense of what they had to do to bring such beauty before us. This is not self-serving "let's pat ourselves on the back" television. It only adds to the sense of wonder, and to the sense of how privileged we have been to see some of the rarest sights in nature. The camerawork is sensational. The killer whale rising out of the sea with the seal in its mouth, the diving hawks making their mid-air kill, the snow leopard bounding down sheer cliffs, the chandelier cave. All incredible. This is unlike most other "animal" tv shows, where the audience is patronised into listening to an ill-thought out anthropomorphic commentary which is little more than "ooohhh...isn't that cute" or "whoooah...isn't that dangerous". Attenborough is wonderful. He has the humility to understand that the show is not about him, and he is prepared to say nothing whilst our senses drink in "that shot" of Angel Falls or the intense colours of the Okavanga Delta. The behaviour of the Gobi desert camels left me speechless; you don't need some idiot telling you how amazing it is. I can recommend this serious without hesitation. This is public television at its best. It cannot be financially prudent to spend 40 days in the Gobi desert chasing Bactrian camels, but it takes real corporate bravery to say that natural beauty cannot be captured on the cheap. The camera techniques (remember the African dogs chase?) are priceless. You must watch this series. People at my office were discussing each episode for days afterward. Friends' children were having the same discussions - "oh my god - did you see that?" If 8 year old children and 60 year old lawyers have the same base sense of wonder, nobody will watch this and think, "it's just another documentary". This is nothing like you will have seen before. I thought I was a cynic, but this really has re-opened my eyes to the raw power of nature.

http://g-ec2.images-amazon.com/images/G/02/x-locale/common/customer-reviews/stars-5-0.gifPlanet Earth: The Making of an Epic World, 29 Oct 2006

This is such an amazing breathtaking DVD. It is by far the best Nature Documentary has produced so far and seeing the first new episode of the new series in Antartica is just as good. Some of the footage is never be seen before and never been recorded before and some of the fotage filmed wont be seen again for another century. My favourite episode is when a snow leopard chases some prey down a dangerous rocky hillsde which is seriously steep and the prey only just manages to get away. Another amazing never seen eppisode is where they climg miles and miles underground to a crystal cave that has though to have never been inhabited in the whole recorded History. I would strongly recommend this book to people who are really into Nature and Birdwatchers as it has colourfull rare species never seen before by most birdWatchers. Look forward to the new series and the other series after that!!

[SIZE=2]Would that be Queeno? Hehe ;-)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Yeah 11% cashback through Q___o[/SIZE]

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Thanks rayman, Johhny fear and edi :thumbsup: Those reviews are great from Amazon too!

Had this one pre-ordered and received it a few days ago; great series and worth the money for sure!
Voted +

FANTASTIC offer.....i was going to order this from Play.Com yesterday for £25 too!!!...glad i waited.


Stupid question... will this be HD?
I know it was filmed in HD.

I also nearly bought this from play too!

remembered the hmv voucher ... but millarcat beat me with the posting :thumbsup:


Stupid question... will this be HD?I know it was filmed in HD.

it won't be in HD, as DVD isn't capable of displaying HD resolution

should still look good though

Should make a nice Xmas pressie. Thanks

This'll be out in HD at some point, I would guess, but probably not for a year at least.


it won't be in HD, as DVD isn't capable of displaying HD resolutionshould … it won't be in HD, as DVD isn't capable of displaying HD resolutionshould still look good though

Whats the difference between a DVD and HD-DVD?

rep added unbelievably good program, this is an ideal presens for my dad

many thanks.

Superb Deal, i have decided to splash out here on presents for the family.
Thanks for the post.


Whats the difference between a DVD and HD-DVD?

Well region 2 (PAL) DVDs are 720x576 and HD-DVD would effectively allow for 1920x1080. Though generally most stuff is being touted as HD using 1280x720 (which looks fantastic anyway).

Good deal Cat! Voted hottie

I posted this deal a couple of days ago in the £3 off HMV thread, no one seemed to care then...
Post #8 ]http//ww…975

Thanks x0lliex for that... It's a problem with lists within threads, some great offers get overlooked. I even missed it after replying to other posts down the list.

It's fine to post a good deal on it's own, even if you first post it in another thread [a good point to remember for next time ;-)].

I tried to list this one yesterday as I purchased for Hubby for Christmas from HMV, but deal request page kept on saying error about something!! got fed up and left it. Wished I had persevered with it now how HOT it's got, teach me not to give up so quickly!!!:cry:

£24.95 now. ;-)


£24.95 now. ;-)

What about using the £3 discount code to make it £21.95;-)

great find! good crimbo pressie! voted hot!!

I've gone for this! Superb price, been wanting this for ages as i missed all the first series when they were on TV.

Added to my christmas list. Cheers :thumbsup:

Original Poster Editor

Glad you're all liking the deal :thumbsup: it will certainly make a great prezzy! Sorry x0lliex, i hadn't noticed you mention this offer before.

Hi guys. Does this DVD include the last series that was televised and the programs that are on TV on sundays at the moment?

Rep+ to cat and because it's almost Christmas rep to Ollie for posting it previously :thumbsup:

Does this include the new series as seen on Sunday nights or just the first series?


What about using the £3 discount code to make it £21.95;-)


Insult me, please, I deserve it...

Has anyone had a confirmation email? I ordered mine around 12 noon today and I haven't received a confirmation. The online status hasn't changed from "Item to be ordered from supplier" either. :-(

Great post btw :thumbsup:

Does this include the current series?

Just ordered using the £3 off code & Q----o , cheers OP

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Enjoy! :-D

I havent had an email confirmation yet hmmmmm

I ordered mine this afternoon

Maybe theyve sold out if their 'special of the week' AGAIN!!!!!

I have now ordered 4 things from HMV and every single time i get an email a few days later saying its out of stock and on back order!!!.....something tells me this is a kind of scam to get you onto their site!!!


Still available to order spenspuma

Not had an e-mail confirmation here either...

my status "Item to be ordered from supplier"

I hope I get it... I could have order it from cd-wow for same price using a £2 voucher and £1 off link... but quidco is lower that's why I chosed HMV


Does this include the current series?

Yes it does, there have only been 11 shows made in total i believe.

Just so people know the timeframe you should get your orders, I ordered on Monday evening, received my order today.

I have had no confirmation email but my quidco has be updated and the HMV website tells me it has been disptached!!
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