Planet Earth Blu-Ray@ Asda £17.91 delivered

Planet Earth Blu-Ray@ Asda £17.91 delivered

Found 19th Oct 2009Made hot 19th Oct 2009
From the team behind the multi-award winning The Blue Planet comes this epic series celebrating the Earth as never before. Embracing the world's incredible landscapes and fascinating wildlife. Planet Earth takes the definitive look at the diversity of our planet.

Four years in the making, with a budget of unprecedented proportions. Planet Earth has stretched the boundaries of natural history television. High definition photography, revolutionary ultra-high speed cameras and detailed images from the air enabled the series to capture the most amazing footage ever seen.

This stunning television experience combines rare action, unimaginable scale, impossible locations and intimate moments with our planet's best-loved, wildest and most elusive creatures. From the highest mountains to the deepest rivers, this blockbuster series takes you on an unforgettable journey through the challenging seasons and the daily struggle for survival in Earth's most extreme habitats. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the beauty of Planet Earth.

QUIDCO 3.5%.


great price, i paid £20 for this second hand a few weeks ago


Wow, great find!

*cancels my BBC order for Planet Earth and Life Blu-Ray pack*

online only? or instore too?

Fantastic deal. Amazon did a deal on this earlier in teh eyar but was never this cheap.

Heat added

Thanks ganticus

Thanks, ordered!

Gunna get hot ! Great price, Heat added!

Love the fact if you scroll down, it advertises the HD-DVD version as full price still haha.

Ordered, repped and heat added!

I also paid £20 for this 2nd hand a few weeks ago.
Great deal, heat added.

Great deal ,thanks. i have been waiting for this to drop to £20 on bluray, this price is a bonus.

Bought it at Asda on Friday for a fiver more.

One's going back.

Super hot deal, thanks

Ordered. Super deal haven't seen it this cheap before.

no doubt it will probably go below the £15 mark after Xmas but I've took the plunge now. Thanks.

Heat n rep added.

Aghhh, bought instore for 23.71 last week ;_;.

As much as it galls me, i'm going to have to give heat and rep to a forest fan...

Fantastic deal, looks amazing in HD. Probably the best documentary ive ever seen

Great find, It's finally time i bought this :-D

Also pre order life on blu ray the other day for £28.99

Bought,thanks for the heads up


Great find, It's finally time i bought this :-D

Ditto. Plus 63p has popped up on Quidco.

This has to be the best deal of the week! This is gonna get mega hot!
Been waiting for this to get under £20 and with quidco as well, this is a steal :w00t:
Ordered & Thanks

Thank you so, so much!
Also cancelled my life/earth set i pre-ordered, as posted before.

Hot! Cheers for this. I've been meaning to buy this since getting my PS3, but had been putting it off... glad I did now. Amazing price.

I got for £20 from Amazon few moth ago and thought it was very good price. HOT

wow great find. i was gonna pay £25 for it a while ago, glad i didn't. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]heat[/COLOR] added

Thanks just ordered.Heat added

ta :thumbsup:

Thanks for this. This is such a quality documentary. Anyone with a blu-ray player must have this in their collection!

HOT!! Just ordered. Thanks.

Hot stuff, ordered this just now. One of those Blu-rays I've always wanted to get. Thanks.

I nearly bought this one yesterday at 23.00£ glad i waited,.
Now ordered and heat added

I've been wanting to buy this for a while now, at this price i couldn't really refuse.......heat added

gutted sold out

Is it on a single disc and what is the run time.


Is it on a single disc and what is the run time.

5 discs and approx 550 minutes.


gutted sold out

and back to £27

I notice that dispatch date is quite away off yet (28/10/09)


I notice that dispatch date is quite away off yet (28/10/09)

Mine says dispatch date: 20/10/09, of course with Postman Pat holding on to his sack I probably won't get it until 28/10/09


I notice that dispatch date is quite away off yet (28/10/09)

Mine is showing as est: 20/10/2009

20/10/2009 here and "awaiting stock pick"
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