Planet Earth Blu Ray Box Set £16.07 @ The Hut

Planet Earth Blu Ray Box Set £16.07 @ The Hut


You cant put a price on the sound of David Attenborough's voice.

Heat added!

Awesome series and perfect in Blu Ray


Nice one, been looking for this around the £15 mark. Good stuff! H&R

Good series, fantastic photography . I already have it on HD DVD otherwise would certaily buy it.

thx op! bargain on its own.
thought 'what the heck' and went for the boxset of planet earth and life. with the code and tcb, all being well, comes to under £40. have only seen them bit cheaper at cex/game (both used) so seemed to make sense to go for the cheapest for both is £46 at bbcshop, £50 on amazon.


3% Quidco

One of the top 10 Blu-rays for showing off HD quality..... and a stunning series as well!

I don't own a Blue-ray player (yet), but I expected to see this series fit on 1 or 2 Blue-ray discs?

Does this include the diaries at the end of each episode?

code not working.....
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