Planet Earth : Complete BBC Series - 5 DVD Box Set (David Attenborough) £9.99 at Amazon & Play

Planet Earth : Complete BBC Series - 5 DVD Box Set (David Attenborough) £9.99 at Amazon & Play

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Planet Earth : Complete BBC Series - 5 DVD Box Set (David Attenborough) £9.99 at Amazon & Play

Price matched

Great price if anyone is thinking of buying it.

As befits the BBC’s reputation for producing some of the world’s best nature documentaries, the five-disc set Planet Earth is an epic travelogue, focussing on different ecologies and the unique animals that inhabit them. Once again, Sir David Attenborough provides the narration, as the cameras fly across the surface of the earth, zooming in to give us a bug’s eye view one minute, zooming out to give us an eagle’s perspective the next. The BBC’s cameramen filmed more than 200 locations, resulting in some truly spectacular footage, much of which has never before been seen--such as the rare sight of an endangered snow leopard hunting in the Himalayas, or great white sharks leaping from the water as they hunt. The creators of Planet Earth endured some of the world’s most hostile environments, from the deepest ocean depths to an Antarctic blizzard to a fetid, cockroach- and bat-infested cave, just to grab a few moments of film; it’s worth watching the "Making of" shorts that accompany each episode, in order to see just what lengths they had to go to. The three extra episodes here--Planet Earth: The Future--provide a sobering finale, as Sir David practically pleads with viewers to cherish the animals that we share this planet with, before it’s too late.


best part of 10 hours for £10, bargain!! ordered

strongly recommend this - the best documentary I have EVER seen. May be better to invest in blu-ray - fantastic visuals. Heat given.

Amazing price and an amazing series. Highly recommend!

I bought this for £17.99 absolutely ages ago and it was a good deal then. Never got round to watching it though and Ebayed it at a loss to get the blu ray when that came down to the same price!

Under a tenner for the series is a great deal, it's a fantastic series

Excellent, one to put up for xmas, thanks!

Would make a nice gift for someone...

Nice price even though I managed to pick one up from Sainsburys about 3 months back for £7.
Heat and rep added

very good price,but if u have bluray this is by far the most outstanding thing you will ever see.
the audio and sound is so good its like you can touch the animals.
the amount of times i have watched this i forget but its alot,
other good ones to look out for are life,earth,blue planet


I already have Blu-ray version but the DVDs have the making of segments. Was a bit strange that they were left off the Blu-rays....

great set of DVDs

This is such an amazing piece of television that I would say it's almost a shame to watch it on DVD. In Bluray is almost like being there, it's so beautiful.

You cannot beat this in HD.

bluray version is the best
bargain at this price
hot hot hot


You cannot beat this in HD.

is this hd or where can i get hd

Bought this is in HD DVD a while back from HMV. An amazing series which is great when you are hungover (as a student often is) to watch the fish and the animals go about their daily lives. Brilliant buy at £10

Paid £40 for this a year back... and I still haven't watched it oO FML

Voted hot though!!
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