Planet Terror: 2 DVD Edition £4.99 + Free Delivery + Quidco @ HMV

Planet Terror: 2 DVD Edition £4.99 + Free Delivery + Quidco @ HMV

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Found 10th Jan 2009
Director Robert Rodriguez (SIN CITY) pays homage to his favourite B-movies with PLANET TERROR, an old-fashioned zombie film that's infused with enough gore and giggles to please even Peter Jackson (BAD TASTE). Rose McGowan (CHARMED) plays Cherry, a go-go dancer whose night is interrupted by a vicious zombie attack that leaves her missing a leg. Her ex-boyfriend, Wray (Freddy Rodriguez, SIX FEET UNDER), takes charge, fashioning her a new leg from a machine gun and killing zombies along the way. PLANET TERROR plays as a pleasing ode to the horror and exploitation films that once played in grimy grindhouses across the country. Rodriguez splashes plenty of blood, guts, and gore across the screen, while also taking the plot into some wonderfully bizarre territory. PLANET TERROR was originally released as part of the GRINDHOUSE double feature with Quentin Tarantino's DEATH PROOF.

Double Disc Set - Special Features
Audio Commentary By Director Robert Rodriguez
10-Minute Film School
The Badass Babes Of Planet Terror
The Guys Of Planet Terror
Casting Rebel
Sickos, Bullets And Explosions: The Stunts Of Planet Terror
The Friend, The Doctor And The Real Estate Agent
Rose McGowan
Quentin Tarantino
Bruce Willis
Carlos Gallardo
Freddy Rodriguez
Tom Savini
Nicky Katt
Michael Parks
Naveen Andrews
Josh Brolin
Michael Biehn
Marley Shelton

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