Planet X 3D Live Wallpaper FREE (£0.99) on Google Playstore

Planet X 3D Live Wallpaper FREE (£0.99) on Google Playstore

Found 9th Sep 2017
Some feel there is a mysterious planet lurking within our solar system, Planet X.

Also known as Nibiru, it is believed to be a harbinger of doom, a dark disruptor of our own Earth.

Take a ride on the surface of one of it's moons and see for yourself what Planet X might look like, if it does really exist.

You can choose between five different surfaces for Planet X to experience what Planet X might resemble in the cold, dark void of deep space.

• Highly detailed graphics
• Five different Planet X surfaces
• Randomly change the surface of Planet X and/or the Moon Terrain every 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes
• Three different moon terrain surfaces
• Choose between the Slide Camera and the Gyroscope Camera (if your device supports a gyroscope)
• Turn Ice Geysers on or off
• Turn Clouds on or off on Planet X
• Choose between one, two, or no moons in the sky
• Choose to orbit your moon around Planet X
• Choose the orbital speed of your moon and the moons in the sky, independently
• Control the rotation speed of Planet X
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