Planet X Stealth Pro Carbon Time Trial Frame £299 was £499 @ That Planet X Proper gud bargin m8!

Planet X Stealth Pro Carbon Time Trial Frame £299 was £499 @ That Planet X Proper gud bargin m8!

Found 4th Jun 2013
That's right, after my blisteringly hot deal for Muc-Off which everyone went ballistic over, You, are welcome (actually, it was the C02 deal, but that got spammed, thanks) comes this mega deal.

Are you ready? Good, cos here it comes dudes!

Yup it's a Planet X Carbon road bike TT frame and seat post for actual peanuts, but they'd rather have money.

You can be the envy of all your almost one mate on your carbon road bike that you don't really need! It's properly awesome.

There;s loads of colours and sizes available, so ther'es summit for the short fat thin and the salesmen.

It's from Planet X again so delivery is free, but as it's a different unclassified plannet it could take yonks, by that time, sintered moon dust bikes will be ridden by salesmen

Will I look cool with it on my White BMW/Audi? - No
Will y STRAVA times improve? - No, becasue you're fat.
Can I use it at that Llandegla? - Certainly not.
Can I pretend I'm that foul mouthed chav, Chavendish? - If you want.
Does it come in carbon? - It is carbon, mate.

Remember, you're gonna need some other bits like wheels and... stuff. You'll look even more daft otherwise.
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Could this be irony?
It's carbon mate, not iron.
Please!!!! Stop torturing me with these bike frame deals!!!!

Cold - no pink in stock (so i can look like a proper douche bag)
Edited by: "daveo78" 4th Jun 2013
I think we are all well answered.
Soz dave dude, I'll spend at least a minute looking for a pink frame deal, just for you, so you can look dafter than you do already.
Will it help me pull girls?
got to be heat for the desc, and the price ain't bad either

Will it help me pull girls?

No. I'll help you pull girls, mate.
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