Planetary Annihilation (PC Game) 76p @ bundlestars (Steam)
Planetary Annihilation (PC Game) 76p @ bundlestars (Steam)

Planetary Annihilation (PC Game) 76p @ bundlestars (Steam)

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It's back this year on bundlestars! Only 76p saving £22.23!


Colonize solar systems, annihilate homeworlds, and exterminate your foes in epic interplanetary battles with multiple players and thousands of units. Planetary Annihilation takes strategy gaming to a never-before-seen scale -- and gives players powerful tools to control the action.

Blow up everything, anywhere; dominate with punishing spacecraft, robots, and other futuristic machines of war. Arm asteroids and send them on planet-destroying collision courses. And take over an entire galaxy in a dynamic single-player mode with procedurally generated content. Don’t just win, annihilate!


Epic Single-Player - Galactic War is a twist on traditional real-time strategy campaigns that has players battling across a dynamic galaxy filled with procedurally-generated content. Every playthrough is different. Annihilation is final.
Epic Multiplayer - Play with up to ten friends (or enemies) in massive free-for-all and team-based matches.
Spectate - Spectate matches with a suite of incredible viewing options.
Advanced Command And Control - With intuitive drags and clicks, seamlessly switch between planets, mine resources, create custom unit formations, or pulverize armies.
Dynamic Picture-In-Picture - View and interact with your units on another planet in a second window as you focus and control the action in your primary view.
Instant Replays - View in-match recordings in real-time while matches are in progress. See when a battle turned by rewinding the game to any point or check out the entire match after a game ends.
Smash Planets - Don’t just win, annihilate. End games with the mother of all weapons: an asteroid on a collision course.

*Internet connection required.


Funniest pricedrop in history. Remember when this was 80 quid.

awesome. Nice find OP

this wouldn't work for me with windows 10

26H7I-ET7BT-PVD9B if anyone can use it


26H7I-ET7BT-PVD9B if anyone can use it

Thank you, I have wanted to check this game out.

Heat added

i bought this on 20th/nov last year at the same price, too cheap to remember to play it.

Original Poster

I've heard it's an enjoyable game, the reasons for all the negative reviews is the huge update the backers thought they were getting was actually released as a whole new game called PA Titans.
I do remember when it was on steam for £50, unfortunately people get greedy sometimes!

Hot. You can also get it in a bundle of games for £2.79 from same place.

Pretty sure the neg reviews were because it was bug ridden and rather than fix them, they re-skinned it and pumped it as Titans (with improvements in that version instead). Uber (well... when I say Uber, I actually mean community members who fixed their bugs) have just released a patch for it with a lot of fixes so hopefully that will deal with some of the issues.

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At this price it's worth the punt isn't it. I have this and paid about 30 or 40 when it first launched. I was a big fan of supreme commander and this is by the same folks. I hated this game though. I keep trying to like it and revisit it once every so often but I just can't. For 76p you should buy it and have a go.

Hot Hot Hot! at this price it could be 1h game play and it would be a steal!
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