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Plant Offers Deals (from Gardening magazines) Supplied by Thompson and Morgan.
Found 15th May 2013Found 15th May 2013
Albizia “Summer Chocolate” X 1 Plant 9.99 Albizia “Summer Chocolate” X 2 Plants 14.98 Thompson and morgan price - … Read more

lol - no - really no point! :D


They certainly seem to be T&M - its the site they use to plug all their magazine promo's on but as to why they want to keep it seperate I do not know? T&M and VMW are the same company - as much as they say they are not - you call them and you talk to T&M staff and the plants are supplied from same source just in slightly different packaging! Oddly - most of the prices are cheaper on VMW and they do different its well worth comparing between the sites to find the best deal for you! VMW customer services used to be a bit rubbish but as its now dealt with by T&M its easy to talk to them and resolves issues. :D


ahh well i wont wait in then! lol


Could plantoffers be part of Thompson & Morgan? The email address on their Contact Us page is: They must own Van Meuwen - their website is a clone of Thompson & Morgan's. Perhaps they keep plantoffers looking as it does to distance it from their other sites.


Me too! :D Dont expect it to turn up very soon....had an odd one through today - half and order - ordered 24 got 12? They apprently dont have enough to forfil the order :S I did get a £5 voucher as compensation thou!

3 Free Hibiscus/1 Free tree peony/6 Free Foxgloves Potentually Free Bulbs, lavendar, +others- just pay postage for each. @ plantoffers
Found 14th May 2013Found 14th May 2013
Hey All! Another plant offer - not ordered myself yet so some testing required. These are 'just pay the postage' offers....not sure if you could add all three to the basket and p… Read more

I ordered myself 2 of the chocolate trees for £14.99 - half the price of the same ones on T&M site and about 1/3 less than on the Van meuwen site with the Hibiscus trio - no postage cost - total spend was £21.59 ! Some of the other offers on there check out as cheaper than other sites also - could have spent a fortune! I deperately need a JParker code - got a £5 off £10 - but I would have to place about five orders ! X) Glad you enjoyed!


Excellent! Just ordered, thank you!!


ordered myself one tree !!!! thanks op


heat heat amazing offer thanks op and thats just one of the three offers


if pic comes out wow for under 6 pound postage tree peony stunning

FREE POTATO GROWING KIT AND VEG SEEDS! - Just pay P&P £4.99 @ PlantOffers
Found 10th Mar 2012Found 10th Mar 2012
Found this via grow yor own magazine. FREE POTATO GROWERS SET: Includes 1 grow bag, 5 Charlotte seed potaotes and 5packets of vegetable seed worth £16! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PAY … Read more

Just got my parcel the seeds I got were black cherry tomatoes, lambs lettuce, carrots (red hybrid), basil and winter squash so a good selection :) not sure if its a random selection though


cold for capslock

Pair of Red Rose Bushes £4.90 delivered @ Plant Offers
Found 19th Jan 2012Found 19th Jan 2012
Pair of Red Rose Bushes £4.90 delivered @ Plant Offers - use code MS111 Blurb - FREE* Red Rose Bushes - WORTH £13.98 - Just pay P&P It’s the time of the year when thoughts tu… Read more
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just had an email saying delivery now 12th march - so much for valentines - incompetence or rogues? alledgedly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 not bothered about p.r. or just don'r care cause got interest free loan if i cancel. i will avoid in future


Thanks for this info, will give them a call today. Emailed them and just like you have had no reply, also no item received. Has anybody actually received the rose bushes or is this really the lost cause it appears to be?


I emailed earlier today but did not get a reply. I will call tomorrow. Has anyone ever had anything arrive previously from this website?


What a bunch of weiners, not happy


What a joke of a company! Do we know if they are actually being sent out? Ive emailed them again today.

Christmas Hyacinth basket £3.71 P&P PlantOffers.
Found 30th Nov 2011Found 30th Nov 2011
Saw these on plant offers, nice gift. £3.71 postage. Free delivery code is SU363 Put it in top left box. The Bumpf. Here’s a fragrant, colourful way to cheer up your home this w… Read more
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Got ours yesterday, but as kaks26 said, no compost, just bulbs and a basket. Hey ho


My mum got hers this morning - but said she has to go and buy some compost to plant them. What's that all about? EdIt - seems to be a basket you have to make up yourself - just bulbs and a basket. You have to add your own compost. Wish I'd known as wouldn't have bothered, and got her the tete-a-tete which I received last week already planted and budding and look lovely.


I've just rang them up they said my order is not going to get dispatched till sept 2012 waste of time


Has anyone received their christmas one yet? Money came out on th 6th but still waiting


I received the blue pot one today - very nice

200 Spring Flowering Bulbs for £4.90 delivered @ - Read post to avoid additional cost!!!!
Found 13th Sep 2011Found 13th Sep 2011
September is the month for planting bulbs to brighten up Spring and this looks like a good offer. PlantOffers are part of Thompson and Morgan. I have purchased from this site on nu… Read more

Just arrived this morning and have to say disappointed with how small the bulbs are. It will be nip and tuck for these to survive winter methinks.


Had an email saying mine have been despatched today 1st class !


Mine arrived this morning. Thank you again OP


September is the month for planting bulbs to brighten up Spring and this looks like a good offer. O Dear !


Thank you for your recent email regarding the delivery of your plants. We are pleased to advise that your bulb collection will be despatched October 2011. Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards Miranda

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FREE* Raspberry Collection at, pay p+p £4.50
Found 30th Mar 2011Found 30th Mar 2011
3 canes as follows: Collection comprises one cane each of: Glen Moy (Early season) - Producing an abundance of sweet juicy fruits from spine-free canes, making harvesting a pleas… Read more

Thanks for the heads up!


This site is such a fiddle! Had a look at the rest of their offers, they say so many things are "free, just pay postage" then when you add them to your basket it charges postage twice for the same item! Also, if you put another "free" item in your basket, it charges more postage again! Final cost for the free plants is about the same as all the other garden suppliers, plus postage oO Freezing deal!!

Free Potato Growing Kit (Worth £16.61 only pay P&P of £4.50) @
Found 16th Mar 2011Found 16th Mar 2011
Grow your own potato plant with a free growing kit worth £16.61. You can order a free potato growing kit worth £16.61 for free, paying only £4.50 to cover postage and packaging. … Read more



Thanks OP for posting, must be worth £4.50 cos there are five packets of Thompson & Morgan’s vegetable seeds included with every pack. (_;)


Find an old potato at the back of the cupboard. Cut off the sprouting bits. Plant them in the garden. Wait a few months for the 'free' potatos to grow. In the meanwhile, finish peeling the old potato and turn it into chips. Simple...


Actual postage cost would be about £1 on this so you are basically paying £3.50 for something that is £1 in most pound shops.


I have to say even for £4.50 my local farm will do me a massive bag which would take about 10 of these kits to grow!! I got the thompson and morgan one last month just for some fun.

42 Busy Lizzie plug plants from - just pay postage & packaging
Found 10th May 2010Found 10th May 2010
"Busy Lizzie Accent" "Fill your pots, containers and baskets with lovely, colourful blooms with this FREE* pack of Busy Lizzie plants. Each pack contains 42 Busy Lizzie plug plant… Read more

how do you get free postage ? found one -- gw544 never mind


yeah was just about to let you know about the T/M offer - I checked out the one you posted as well but T/M's is better :)


thompson-morgan have : 84 plug plants - Price: £4.99 Free P&P too


Still seems to charge postage with the code unfortunately. (Or rather charges for the product).


No idea if this is a good price BUT use this code on the Homepage for free delivery at Checkout - DM183W Got this from another post for this site :)

Found 9th May 2010Found 9th May 2010
Dont know if this is a misprice as it is £14.99 on other sites like Morgan and Thomson Tree Peony Wu Long Peng Sheng Height: 4 to 5 feet tall Beautiful pink ruffled petals adorn … Read more
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Any one had success with his/her plants? I bought a couple. These came in May with a some fugus/mould. I washed them clean and planted them into big pots. Only tiny amount of very small green leaves all last year and I thought that they would die. In the winter all the leaves died off. Now spring is here one plant has a number of new shoots from the branches though half of the branches died off but there are some new shoots coming from the roots. The branches on the other plant all died off but there are some new shoots coming out from the roots.


Thanks for this. Our one arrived this morning. Will go and inspect. Rather surprised to have got it tbh, I never had an order confirmation or anything. We have had another tree peony for a number of years. It's in a pot, so is unlikely to get very big, and has been generally abused, so is a bit random on flowering. When it does though - boy! it's beautiful, and completely disproportionate to the size of the plant. Very very nice.


Do they look nice in a big pot? I am new to gardening and would really welcome some advice x


Received our two this morning - both look quite healthy (one starting to show leaf shoots, the other completely dorment). Despite previous posts and experience with new tree peonies, these will take a couple of years to flower. So be patient !!!


Thanks for the advice this will help a lot of people x

Grow Your Own Seed Potatoes Kit - worth over £15 - £4.45 delivered  @
Found 8th Mar 2010Found 8th Mar 2010
Grow Your Own Seed Potatoes Kit - worth over £15 - £4.45 delivered - as in Good Food Mag FREE* Grow your own seed potatoes kit - worth over £15 (*just pay £4.45 postage) Potato C… Read more
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I ordered on the 8/3 also and have just phoned. They are an april delivery!


I ordered mine on 08-03-2010 and have NOT received mine yet.


ordered, doesnt say when they will be received tho, anyone know?


:thumbsup: My 12yr old grandson will love growing these:-D Thanks


The description is just about pornographic :lol: As for the poster who made the 2 year claim :lol:

Thierry Mugler Wallet and Pen set £8.99 @ Plantoffers
Found 21st Dec 2009Found 21st Dec 2009
This is a great item, I have just received it. Click through to the home page and then pick the mail on Sunday offer, the delivery is free. Thierry Mugler Wallet and Pen Set with… Read more

Just got it from the postman, ordered on Friday evening :santa: On closer examination, there are very tiny blemishes on the metal part of the pens but they are really hardly noticeable unless examine closely and you will get that in time as wear and tear anyway. Still well worth the money.




heat and rep tganks


Voting hot. I've actually ordered a 2nd set after receiving mine a couple of days ago. They are of good quality and the 'Thierry Mugler' label is a bonus, well worth the £8.99, but be prepare for the long delivery time though, it took 10 days for mine to arrive.


You need to go through the initial link to click on Daily Mail Offer to get free delivery, I will amend offer

Thierry Mugler Wallet and Pen Set - RRP £59.99 - buy £8.99 + £2.99 p& p (might be free) Daily Mail Promo
Found 8th Dec 2009Found 8th Dec 2009
Thierry Mugler Wallet and Pen Set Thierry Mugler Wallet and Pen Set with 85 % OFF RRP £59.98, Delivered before Christmas* for only £8.99. Two Fantastic Christmas Gifts for one in… Read more

I just tried ordering it, went into my basket, entered my card details, and then got a message saying baskey was empty...will be keeping me eye on card statement!


Thank you :)


this is the message i am getting HELP Query failed : Table 'values_posdata.iin' doesn't exist


hi cant even order it, it keep saying failed what am i doing wrong please help


Go via this link-

1 pair of Kangol Sunglasses for £9.98 (inc. p&p), 2 pairs for £13.98 (inc. p&p)
Found 28th Mar 2009Found 28th Mar 2009
I received some vouchers and offers from The Sun by post, one of these was for Kangol sunglasses - 1 for £10.49 (inc. p&p) or 2 for £13.49 (inc. p&p). However, you had to … Read more
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Poundland is doing Foster Grant sunglasses for..... You could sit on 14 pairs for the price shown here.


Ah, I didn't know that - you can get the cheaper deal by phoning 0844 482 6019 and quoting JZ265. 1 pair = £10.l49 (inc. £3.50 p&p) 2 pairs = £13.49 (inc. £3.99 p&p)


................ checking


great deal but they also charge an extra £2.95 for postage and packing even though it says inc £3.99 p&p Subtotal of Items 13.98 Discount 0.00 Subtotal 13.98 Postage and Packing 2.95 TOTAL 16.93


For Ladies, heat added:thumbsup: