Plantronic Backbeat Pro £99.67 Amazon

Plantronic Backbeat Pro £99.67 Amazon

Found 6th Oct 2016
Have been keeping an eye. Almost at its lowest.Grabbed it.

This price is of Amazon as seller, so genuine item.


Awesome cans. Sound very good. NC about 75% of bose. The microphones and Noise cancelling are great. Best purchase I have made and batteries last for ages plus you can listen to stuff once batteries have depleted. At this price a steal.

Gone up now.

Maybe bit too bulky but I love them anyway :-)

Loads left in the warehouse for £80

Got a pair from the Warehouse for 65 quid, can't be bad.

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Beware that there are duplicates in the market, so go with the seller you trust.

I'm pretty sure Amazon Warehouse will be kosha.
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