Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 SE wireless headphones £161 @ Bax

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 SE wireless headphones £161 @ Bax

Found 3rd Jan 2017
Good price drop for a new Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 SE headphones.
Amazon price is 229.
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good price but never heard of Bax.....I had the original Pro's which were brilliant.....
Mine arrived today, testing...
still waiting for my Creative EVO EXR's....should arrive Monday / Tuesday....
Got em today! :D.....and they are very good from initial impressions. A bit bass heavy out of the box, but playing with the sound settings in the creative android app and via the music player they sound really nice....a lot of running in to do still.

Good solid construction, and not as gaudy in my subjective opinion as other reviewers have mentioned.

Comfortable with my glasses on....and without.

Button locations will take no time in getting used to....good placement and easy to remember.

These represent excellent value for money at this early stage of usage......

I do miss the class 1 bluetooth and the brill pause facility of the Back Beat Pro's but at the price I paid, they represent excellent value for money.

The true test will be on the London Underground.....once they fix it

Hope this feedback helps
One thing I always found a bit weird....The press were really slow in reviewing the original back beats, which was a real shame as they truly deserve / deserved much better coverage.....Plantronics need a better marketing dept.......
I'm returning mine in favour of Sony MDR-100ABN. Plantronics sounds definitely worse for me, with much worse ANC, will miss auto-pause though.
I personally would have got the mdr 100's over the second generation back beat pro's...the anc was brill when I tested them in Curry's.....this was while various customers were blasting various bluetooth speakers and sound bars.....really comfortable too....On this occasion my budget can't go over 100quid, which is why the creative evo zxr's were the ones for me at £99.99 ....
£234 now unfortunately.
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