Plantronics GameCom 367 Closed Ear Gaming Headset delivered £17.39 @ Amazon

Plantronics GameCom 367 Closed Ear Gaming Headset delivered £17.39 @ Amazon

Found 1st Dec 2011
Good price, and reviews too.

Worth to see.
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I bought these for 14.99 back when they were bundling Tomb Raider: Underworld with them free of charge... really didn't like them.

The sound quality was pretty bad and it was very uncomfortable after a short period of use.... I think the issues I had with the sound was that it had no real depth as if the speakers were blown on your home stereo speakers (Only way I can describe it). And before you say I had a faulty pair... I tried my second pair out on a different PC at the store I bought them from and it was 100% the same.

Microphone seemed like a neat idea at first... but eventually you get fed up of repositioning it and leave it out after awhile. (Not to mention its a constant reminder of how cheap the headset feels)

The only thing I liked about this headset was the cable... it was a very strong slightly thicker than normal rubber braided cable so id expect it to last awhile.

I would personally go with the Medusa NX headset instead... ear cones are much more comfortable and softer and the build quality of that actual headset itself is better than the Plantronics. ... I think you can pick these up on Amazon for sub £20 right now.
I've got these and love the, sound was a bit average initially but once hooked up to my new xonar dg they really come alive and sound great with loads of bass. The mic is very clear and very easy to use, dont know what the previous poster is talking about, they also feel very sturdy and comfortable with velour covered earpieces. Highly recommended.
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