Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare (Origin) £13.99 @ SimplyCDKeys

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare (Origin) £13.99 @ SimplyCDKeys

Found 30th May 2014
Looks like a lot of fun, im a big fan of the PvZ series and now that the Peasant Boxes exclusivity is near an end this little fella has popped up, please note you can buy it from the mexican origin store using Hola for $19 around £12, BUT, they do sometimes revoke games, FIFA a notable one!!

The pre-order comes with two DLCS:

Pre-order only: Super Duper Pack
Customize and power-up your characters with a five-item mix. You're guaranteed at least one Uncommon card!

Pre-order only: Craaazy Pack
With seven customization and consumable items, including at least one Rare card, you'd have to be craaazy to pass this up!
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Such a fun game
I wish it would hurry up, it's getting increasingly difficult to find games on titanfall ;p
Hmmm, tempted to buy this game at this price but I'll probably wait until it's lower still.

In other news I see that this game is coming to PS4 at 1080//60fps thus making the Xbox One version the inferior one to own... again.
good find, still unsure about this game but heat added
no it's not.......
Hot, nice price and have used Simply CD Keys a couple of times before and had no issues.

Looks like a fun game.
is this for the PC?

is this for the PC?

Yes pal Origin PC
Ordered, received code, now preloading within Origin. Thanks OP.
thanks matty... ordering now!
Thank you, bought! This deal is still on everyone, seems to be the cheapest around. Game seems great so far.
bought,awesome game from a great seller
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