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Mercedes-Benz A Class Hatchback Special Editions A180 CDI Sport Edition 5dr Auto £246pm £246 deposit
Found 8th Jan 2016Found 8th Jan 2016
Great deal on a new mercedes. 10k lease 24 month lease 1+23 deal only £246 pm.

Just ordered an auto sport a180 as a work horse. 1565 dep (inc fee) 174 a month 2year lease. Includes tax. Lease by Whitewater. Pre facelift. But good deals on these, so heat




Sport normally relates to the trim spec rather than performance


Yeh, and in this case even 'average' would be an over statement based on those figures.


These leasing deals are always so tempting but I do around 25k per year in miles which is just too much :( I want, I want but work is too far :( Hot deal none the less.

BMW M235i £321.94pm from Planyourcar 0-60 in 5 secs and 326 bhp £321.94  £9226.00 @ Plan your Car
Found 11th Nov 2015Found 11th Nov 2015
Great car. Great price. Great car. Great spec. 0-60 in 5 secs and 326 bhp 2 year lease deal on a 6+23 month 10k lease Total cost £9226

This wasn't released in 2012. I'm not sure if you're a troll or an actual downy.


It's called renting


no I didn't but am hardly going to pay 10k over 2 years then have my house taken off me.


Did you pay straight cash for your house then?


So is your problem with the concept of leasing or with the car itself? I can't quite work it out. There is one thing that I have worked out about you however...

BMW M135i 2 year lease deal Planyourcar 0-60 in 5 secs and 326 bhp £8963 @ Plan Your Car
Found 11th Nov 2015Found 11th Nov 2015
Great car. Great spec. 0-60 in 5 secs and 326 bhp 2 year lease deal on a 6+23 month 10k lease £309pm Total cost £8963.

If anyone is actually interested then please find the cheapest i could find over a weeks research... deposit £893 inc vat plus £298 monthly inc vat (8k miles, 3+23 profile)


Why so much BMW hate? Leave it out mate.


This is hilarious! Never before have I witnessed such comic genius. You really should be on TV with wit like this.


They haven't flooded the market, they've had healthy order books. These don't get built to a massive excess to sit in a field for 6 months waiting for customers like Vauxhall used to do with hundreds of Corsas and Astras at a time. Go into any German showroom to order a new car and you won't find much that's built already, they pretty much all get built from scratch upwards of 8 weeks after the order was placed. My missus got a new Audi A1 3 weeks ago and it took 12 weeks from order to delivery. There are plenty of German cars out there for sure, but they attract buyers new and used. A high supply is no bad thing when demand is high. They're generally nice to drive, pretty powerful (relative to engine size), with decent mpg (relative to their output), usually come with a raft of safety equipment and decent residuals (BMW less so than the others you mentioned - the price of going in heavy on the fleet market).


These are also available for Audis. I often suspect drivers of these cars watched too many cowboys and indians films or war films where the guy at the back of the line always got picked off. I can't think of any other reason why they'd be so terrified and take such ridiculous risks to avoid being at the back of a line of traffic.

Smart Forfour Hatchback 1.0 Passion 5dr £113 PM £113 DEPOSIT INC VAT £2714.00 @ planyourcar
Found 6th Oct 2015Found 6th Oct 2015
10K LEASE 5.6P plus VAT mileage Standard EquipmentDRIVER CONVENIENCE Bluetooth interface for hands free telephone Breakdown kit Crosswind Assist Cruise control with speedtronic va… Read more

This does look like a really good deal and there's not many deals this low per month where you can do just 1 months payment up front. Usually its 3/6/9 months upfront and if you haven't got that kind of cash ready then this deal looks great. Appears to have come down in price now too. £113 per month with £113 deposit over 24 months, nice cheap motoring for a small 4 door hatchback. Payments include VAT.

Smart Forfour Passion £109.20 (initial payment £655.20) pm on a 10k lease (3 year lease 6+35) @ Planyourcar (Total £4477.20)
Found 26th Jun 2015Found 26th Jun 2015
Smart forfour passion - cool quirky and well specced city car for a steal of a price. 3 year & 10k annual mileage On a 6+23 but can be done on a 1+35 for £124 per month - I spe… Read more

We looked at this deal when we were looking for a new car, with this being posted the day before we went out to look. Used this at the local main dealers and managed to get a cheaper deal than this out of them. As for the car and some of the comments on here..... First of all, yes it is a Twingo, we looked at both and this seemed to have a better screwed together interior. Plus the deal we got was better than anything that we could get on the Twingo. It is often used on the motorway and has no worriea keeping at 70, of course I wouldn't know if it goes faster because that's the speed limit over here ;) We live in the Chilterns, so it encounters hills pretty much all the time, again with little issues on all but the very steepest inclines around us. The negatives from the Autoexpress article is the high cost..... err, you're in a new car for under £110/month!!!! How cheap do they want it to go? We looked at just about most city car models, including the UP!/Mii/Citigo, Fiat 500, Twingo, and ended up with the Smart Forfour. You just get way more for your monthly outlay compared to comparable cars.


Depends on your circumstances. I pay £200 for a seat Leon fr 184....


best bet would be to save a fortune and buy an original forfour for next to nowt now and its yours for life :)


The Peugeot just add fuel offer... ;-)


Wouldnt the Peugeot be better add abit more and include the insurance as l am paying £800 alone just for insurance a year

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Seat Ibiza 1.2TSI 3 dr Black Special Edition £139pm no deposit on PCP inc deposit contribuion of over £5k!! @ planyourcar
Found 18th Jun 2015Found 18th Jun 2015
Yesterday I received my Seat Leon FR that I posted in March from these guys. Purchase was slick and hassle free and pleasingly a couple of issues I had on delivery (no fault of the… Read more

Congratulations. I hope you enjoy it.


I would post car deals but Im not allowed. HUKD remove mine because Im part of a car dealer network. i gain nothing. I would only share top offers. But apparently thats self promotion. However I suspect if a customer posted the same deal it too would be removed. HUKD are quite selective to what suits them!


This is brand new for 10k.


Ok, sounds fair enough although it still seems too long a deal for me! If you want more flexibility I would probably prefer to buy a 1 year old model (around £9-10K) and then sell it on when needed. Although I agree the need for no lump sum upfront is more attractive for a lot of people. [I have looked at this model before on the 2nd hand market and it does seem pretty good vaule for money and fairly cheap running costs by the way]


A lot of PCP are 48 months + these days. At least with this you don't get a big balloon. Things could get messy but it is very unlikely given the quality. If you are that worried then extend the warranty for a couple of hundred

Seat Leon 184ps FR lease £216 pm £5184 @ Planyourcar
Found 3rd Apr 2015Found 3rd Apr 2015
Only 1 month deposit. No big initial. 10k lease per annum. 1+23. 6.75p per mile excess. This is a bargain for a fast hatchback. Link is for 6+23 deal but just amend the initial

They quoted me £220, I was previously £195. I had 8k miles per year but I'm way under that as I work from home now. So I only wanted another 2k miles adding on for the 3rd year. So I'm quite surprised it's gone up.


What did you get offered in the end?


£185 inc maintenance I was previously £230


How much were you quoted for an extra year? I've requested a quote.


I spoke to Arval direct a while ago and just extended the lease for another year. Plan finally responded to me about getting another car after I'd extended... A bit poor, took them about 3 months!