Plasticine Technicolour Fun - 24 Sticks - 76p *Instore* @ Tesco

Plasticine Technicolour Fun - 24 Sticks - 76p *Instore* @ Tesco

Sloth/Mod 6
Found 11th Mar 2011Made hot 11th Mar 2011
Were £4 and reduced to £ scanning through at 76p. Receipt below.

Plasticine is the fun and easy to use modelling material - it doesn't shrink or harden and can be used again and again.

If you make a mistake or just change your mind, simply press it back into shape and start again. Plasticine and a little imagination are all that's needed for many hours of modelling fun!

Contains 24 technicolour plasticine sticks - 475g


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For all those that scream..............PROOF,'s the receipt. lol

don`t know why its different colours. It all ends up brown.

its quite good this stuff, doesn't dry out like playdo, so can be used again and again, the colours can be mixed to create other colours - must be the oils in it.And doesn't make a mess of your hands after words.

I brought 10 packs of this stuff when it was £1.25 a pack - originally to go in party bags but my girls have now used up 6 packs making stuff and what amazing things they have made too, this has kept them occupied for hours!!
Will definately be bulk buying if they still have some left for 76p

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