Play £5 Sale

Play £5 Sale

Found 24th Feb 2009
Play are having a sale in which they are selling a lot of books,dvd, and music for £5 each.


Not the play £5 sale again :roll:


oh dear:whistling:

Its not a sale!!

Holy Jebus, they put all the prices up almost double, example for DVD's, shooter, blood diamond, man on fire were £2.99 before, now they are all £5.
hugely cold

not voting on this as I'm sure OP meant well but and now the whole site is filling up with carp £5 DVDs

crocodile dundee anyone ??


A handful of good deals, which have been posted seperately allready, but overall it's not a sale, just a promotion - and it's just blain ridiculous that they bring the £2.99 DVD's up to £5.

Why Do Play Always Play These Jokes


Why Do Play Always Play These Jokes

because it works not every body is as bargin wise as us so they fall for it i agree cold just because the best deals have been posted now
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