Play-Doh 50th Birthday Celebration Cake of 50 Colours - £7.50 + £3.90 p+p

Play-Doh 50th Birthday Celebration Cake of 50 Colours - £7.50 + £3.90 p+p

Found 28th Sep 2006
This 50 pack allows you to create and endless number of creations! 2 years+

Manufactured by: Hasbro Product id: 247205

Was £15.00
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Delivery is another £3.90 - still cheaper than woolies though :thumbsup:
I picked this up for £5 at Woolies 2 days ago???
Now £12.99 at woolies (and not available online)

I've noticed that this happens a lot at Woolies: different prices from store to store and online.

There are some other offers at The Entertainer which if bought together could help with the postage charge:…736
Was also £5 at Sainsbury's, unless theirs have gone up as well.
Which sainsburys was that? I work there and we tend to get certain things in at random stores.

£5 is a bargain, wonder if we do it online? I just checked woolworths and it is £12.99.
I looked in our local Woolies store yesterday but they didn't have any there either (at any price).
Well i checked sainsburys and as i thought nothing is there, just depends on where you shop i guess.

Cheapest i can find is around £10.50 on ebay, not too bad really, may check my local woolies this week.
collected my 2 packs from woolies in Fareham today. 2 packs for £10 = bargain...:thumbsup:
Still £5 at Sainsburys in Brighton.
There was a post on MSE about this 2 weeks ago, woolworths had it on at £5 everywhere, one guy who was a retailer said that he had been offered them for £2.83 from the manufacturer and that everywhere else has, hence the price at £5 so don't pay £12.99 or anything else crazy cos it should be in alot of shops for £5.

Good prezzie for the kids come crimbo, they're only small tubs but 50 of them should suffice
i got mine from wollies for a 5 the other day, bargain.
They are small tubs and therefore good for stocking fillers, kid's party bags etc :thumbsup:
If you can't find this product in a shop near you, you can try this on-line shop:…doh

I've just ordered a set for £4.75. P&P is £3.95, but still good value considering that you might end up spending about that much on petrol looking for it in your area - minus the hassle.

I haven't used this shop before, so I can't comment on their service, but they seem OK.
Here's another online supplier who sells this product for £4.99 (p&p £3.95):…032

On Ebay this product still fetches around £6.00-£8.00 with £8.00 p&p on top -and people go out of their way outbidding each other to get it - they obviously did not do their homework! I've posted a guide on Ebay warning consumers about this rip-off but nobody bothers to read it
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