Play-Doh Town Firehouse £7.99 @ Home bargains

Play-Doh Town Firehouse £7.99 @ Home bargains

Found 7th Apr 2018
RRP £19.99
Saving: £12.00

2922565.jpgPlay-Doh Town Firehouse

There's a new [fire] chief in town!

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! - Luckily the Firehouse is right nearby, and this can-do firefighter is ready to squish out the Play-Doh flames! Create an emergency scene by stacking the Play-Doh cans and putting the roof on top. Use the fire stamper to add colourful flames, and squeeze a silly escape pole. The half-moulds shape other rescue essentials, like a radio or an alarm bell. Get the firefighter ready by creating a wild hairstyle and putting on his hat, then use the stamps on his feet to make his radio and a treat for his pup. Help him battle the flames with the water cannon extruder, make a hose with the fire hydrant, or chop the flames out with the axe, which also fits in the firefighter's hand And make sure to take the dog for a walk, or it might have its own emergency! The garage can also fit the Fire Truck (sold separately) for even more rescue missions. Playing the hero (or even the mischief-maker) can be a new adventure every time in Play-Doh Town!

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