Play Dough Activity Set £4.99 @ Lidl

Play Dough Activity Set £4.99 @ Lidl

Found 27th Feb 2010
I got my son a pay dough activity set in Lidl this week - it's really good - four good size pots of dough along with accessories (the ones we got were roller, cutters, roller that cuts animal shapes with various inserts, cutter/spatula and pizza wheel type crimping cutter - but there were ones with different bits like the squidgers that push out string etc.)

I have been looking for a play dough set for a while on ebay and from stores but this beats any price I have seen for what you get and is also a nice little set
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what are the flavours ? :?
Have bought 1 set for my daughter as the dough is gluten free and she is a coeliac.
I prefer to make my own. Nothing beats that warm playdoh feeling of when its been freshly made :thumbsup:
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