Play the Destiny Beta for free!
Play the Destiny Beta for free!

Play the Destiny Beta for free!

free Destiny Beta.
Just go to the EU playstation store pre order the digital version of the game (Sony take no funds until near release date) and the Beta is automatically added to your active downloads. Once tge beta is over just cancel your ore order for the game.

How to cancel the pre-order:

On your EU PSN account, navigate to the Settings tab.Go to PSNClick next, then click on your Destiny pre-order and cancel it.

Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.


Code can also be obtained instantly from pre ordering via amazon as they email you a beta code straight away and just go back in and cancel order.

Update - Just registered my amazon code on the Bungie site and codes are being sent from the 17 July for the beta

Handy for anyone that doesn't have a bank card registered on the ps4
Edited by: "NFS" 13th Jul 2014

8. Pre-Orders
You agree that for pre-orders of digital content products:
(i) we can charge you on the payment date displayed when you place your pre-order (if we accept it);
(ii) you or we may cancel your pre-order up to (but not including) the release date, in which case any sums deducted from your SEN wallet will be refunded (but this may not occur until after the release date);
(iii) we may make the pre-ordered products available to you on the release date and, once made available, as far as permitted by law, you will have no further right to cancel your order or to a "cooling off period";
(iv) when you cancel a pre-order you will no longer be entitled to any promotional services and/or products offered with the pre-order but if you subsequently access the service and/or product we will still charge you at full pre-order price; and
(v) you will not use your pre-ordered product until the release date, even if you are able to download it earlier.
When you place a pre-order, ‘Automatic Funding’ for your SEN wallet will be automatically turned "On" if you have registered a payment method (e.g. a credit or debit card). You can switch Automatic Funding "Off" at any time via your SEN account management page.

just done this . no problem at all . they will charge you between a certain date . 8 sep to 10 sep . not got a debit card linked to my account . and easy enough to cancel the pre order as well . beta is downloading now . heat

It's not very good anyway.

I was part of the Alpha testing and it bored me to be honest.
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