Play Zone: Babysitting Party - £9.99 Delivered @ (Pre-order 28/11/08)

Play Zone: Babysitting Party - £9.99 Delivered @ (Pre-order 28/11/08)

Sloth/Mod 8
Found 14th Nov 2008
One for the girlies methinks.

* Enjoy exciting and varied games inspired by babies daily life.

* Entertain them through hilarious minigames like swing, tricycle race, rock or cleaning.

* Take part of their funny life by chasing monsters in their dreams, dancing following maracas rhythm or playing soap bubbles contests.

* Help them to progress with memory games, puzzles, colouring and cutting up activities.

* Discover a great adventure in solo mode.

* Play with your friends, up to 4 players, either cute babies or the babysitter.

* Thanks to intuitive use of the Wii Remote / Nunchuk and innovative use of the Wii Balance Board, the game is easy to pick-up and play.

* Choose the families you want to babysit for, unlock a huge range of cute and funny outfits and customise your character and the baby you take care of.

* As a member of a babysitting academy, you will have to do your best to graduate and become the best babysitter.


Original Poster Sloth/Mod

due for release 2008 it says now

I think that Gary Glitter will be buying this one ( sorry )

Original Poster Sloth/Mod


due for release 2008 it says now

Fixed........was a typo.

i wonder if its any good

Original Poster Sloth/Mod


i wonder if its any good

For £10, if it's not you could sell it on and not lose out i guess. I've ordered all the £9.99 ones incase there is a hidden gem.

i was thinking a xmas present for my sister. might wait until there's a review about
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