Play Zone: World Sports Party (Nintendo Wii) £6.99

Play Zone: World Sports Party (Nintendo Wii) £6.99

Found 6th Jan 2011
Sports Challenge Mode
Play a series of sports against another family in the resort to win rewards. You can choose from a selection of challenge sessions of varying lengths to win credits, trophies and unlockables!
Quick Play Mode
Pick up and play any of the games for a short practice session!
Rewards and Unlockables
Win trophies, resort credits, and items for your family to wear. Unlock additional pay-per view minigames using the television in the family room by with credits won in Sports Challenge mode!
Customise your Characters and Track your Progress & Performance
Monitor your family's progress through the game. View the trophies won by your family, access your family statistics and customise the appearance of each member of your family!


Good price but poor reviews.

Price now is £14.80
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