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Aeroplanes: Aviation Ascendant Board Game £14.99 at Play Board Games
Posted 21st SepPosted 21st Sep

Now sold out.


Cheaper in a couple of places. Also been sub £10 previously (though I sold my time machine recently):


Official 14+ guidance (probably to avoid being classified as a toy). User guidance on BGG is 12+


It's a Martin Wallace game so they are usually relatively involved. BGG weight of almost 3 so medium-heavy complexity.


From this play through it looks complex.

Scythe Board Game £49.39 with code @ playboardgames
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Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Below £50 for a great game! You get a lot in this and it's the highest rated SM game on BGG (although Viti is still my favourite). NBP is Amazon (Karl's Games is cheaper than Amaz… Read more

Ah, I have a friend who has played Fenris and they said it completely changes the dynamic but in a good way. Makes it all feel fresh again. I also think scythe is a lot lighter than its made out to be. I taught it to 2 non gamers in 10 mins and neither of them had to query rules after the first 2 rounds. I need to play scythe again (lol)


I definitely have found you can become a bit more automated the more you play but then adding new players has changed the dynamic over the course of the 4 years. Ive got the Fenris expansion and we were due to start the campaign before Covid kicked in... :(


Have you found that you tend to do the same things with the same factions the more you play? We did so took a break from it for a bit. I need the Fenris Expansion I think to mix it up a bit!


I've played this loads over the last 4 years. Well worth the investment.


They have a pricing metric that is supposed to make them slightly cheaper than major competitors but like all things like that it works ok when competitors have stock but if they don't it tends to go a bit mental. There have also been a few recent instances of things getting damaged in transit as they weren't packed properly.

Agricola Family Edition £12.64 with code @ playboardgames
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Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Crazy price, lots of game here for just over £12. In Agricola, you're a farmer in a wooden shack with your spouse and little else. On a turn, you get to take only two actions, one… Read more

Yeah, family is a more streamlined game. Its not intended to replace full Agricola though, now like a lighter version of it. Components are nicer in family edition though!


I missed the opportunity to play Caverna and a friend found it in a charity shop for £25 which I'm annoyed I missed. I've played Base Agricola but to my knowledge this family edition has removed certain stuff?


You can still get it. I prefer this one to be honest. Caverna is still better though


When will non Family Edition come back ? :'(


A very very tight game with little to no wriggle room and zero room for error. It’s almost over before you’ve properly built your engine but we really enjoy it. A real thinker but has been superseded by Viticulture in our group. Need to revisit as when we played it was still new to us and we didn’t really explore any of the cards beyond basic ovens as we were all close to starvation.

Sub Terra Board Game £24.93 with code @ playboardgames
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Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Sub Terra Board Game £24.93 with code @ playboardgames£24.93£26.355% Free P&P Free
Decent price for this! Code makes it slightly cheaper than Karl's Games (not allowed on HUKD but I know people who have ordered from there). NBP is Total Cards. 7.4 on BGG . A 1… Read more

Yeah I meant the descent film but thought you might think I meant the game!


As the topic was board games I immediately thought of instead.


The Descent movie is a very good comparison for the theme of Sub Terra. It's not so much about being scary as being tense. You're already against a countdown in the form of a shrinking deck of cards where something horrible happens when it gets to the end and then on top of that you have to deal with revealing paths with dead ends (usually while a monster is hunting you) or some kind of terrain problem (floods, gas, cave-ins etc). There's a lot of luck involved but the fun and challenge of the game comes from using your moves and individual player abilities in the best way along with working as a team to mitigate all the horrible situations the game throws at you.


Don't know Hot Zone, I will look into it thanks! Love Pandemic, and Forbidden Island was a recent addition which we've enjoyed though finding it a little too simple? I'm not sure we've explored all modes yet though. I'm hoping with a little self control we can work though Pandemic with 4-6 of us...I'm not sure all my group will like it but I think some will, hopefully then we can try Legacy. Tried Fog of Love yesterday....thats extremely complicated, will give it another bash on the weekend but yeah we got a little lost on how far you're supposed to take the roleplay lol


I quite like the mind but it's just a filler and I enjoy Hanabi too but again a filler. I meant bigger co-op games are just not good in my group so Pandemic, Forbidden [x] and such are just not played. I don't know how anybody honestly can be scared playing a board game like The Descent of this, I would be able to potentially see it if it was something like Abomination or Hako Onna as they have in your face horrific graphic.

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Seasons Board Game £28.50 with code @ PlayBoardGames
66° Expired
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Seasons Board Game £28.50 with code @ PlayBoardGames£28.50£29.995% Free P&P Free
Lovely little game that I've only discovered during lockdown on BGA. Code makes it a bit cheaper than Zatu! 7.4 on BGG . The greatest sorcerers of the kingdom have gathered at t… Read more

Excellent game! Heat :)


Lovely dice in this one, for folks who like such things!

Heaven and Ale Board Game £26.60 (with code) @ Play Board Games
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Refreshed 24th MayRefreshed 24th May
Heaven and Ale Board Game £26.60 (with code) @ Play Board Games£26.60£32.0617% Free P&P Free
Thanks to @tomwatts for the code on my deal yesterday. Works here and makes the price even cheaper! I've still not played this but always like the look of it. 7.6 on BGG . NBP… Read more

It's not a problem, I can give up when ever I like. I just don't want to right this moment...


We need to set up a meeting - “so I’m a board gamer but I can handle it”.....


Not even had an estimate delivery date for this one yet :(


Hanamikoji is excellent, really good game. I got the German version for about £9 You've not fallen down the 'core space' rabbit hole yet then?


I've just ordered Battle Line, Hanamikoji and Foothills today, why am I even looking at more games.... I need help.

Agricola Family Edition £15.98 @ Play Board Games
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Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Agricola Family Edition £15.98 @ Play Board Games£15.98£16.312% Free P&P Free
I own this and it's great. A slimmed down version of Agricola but not aimed at kids (although could be played with them). 7.2 on BGG . NBP is Amazon (FBA). Not the biggest saving… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

It’s quite good. I’ve only had one chance to play it since I got it a year ago. Bit of a mix between ticket to ride and settlers but will let you know when I play it again. From what I remember I wasn’t a huge fan compared to the rest of our games.


Hahaha, brilliant. Hopefully you'll like it as much as I do :)


You haven’t helped my lack of space situation as I have just ordered it.....


Thanks for letting me know, I'll expire it. This is a nice introduction into the genre and an easier experience than full Agricola. Hope she enjoys it!


I have a handful of little games, we don’t play that often. Quoridor was a great little discovery though. Saw it when I was away in the Lakes and I was curious. I saw the other games of the same branding too but they didn’t look quite as good. Maybe I’ll check them out again. Thanks for all your info. I’ll make a note to check these out at a later date. Have a good night (y)

Feast for Odin Board Game £66.99 @
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Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Not the cheapest it's ever been but cheapest I've seen it for some time. NBP is Zatu. 8.2 on BGG A Feast for Odin is a saga in the form of a board game. You are reliving the cu… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

On that topic. Castles of Mad King Ludwig is currently on offer on Apple/Google Play. 99p/89p respectively. A fellow hukker put it on one of my FB group so I'm not posting here as a deal


I mean I wouldn't play Catan now [said in my snobbiest voice :D ] but 10+ years ago (just checked, almost 13!) it was like no board game I'd played before and very different from Talisman, Dungeon Quest, Escape from Atlantis etc. I played as a teenager. And now we've almost come full circle with loads of boardgame apps on phone and Steam :D


Haha snap it was Carcassonne for me too but physical copy. Never been a big fan of Catan due to the randomness of the dice rolling and no way to mitigate that. Don't mind dice in games as much these days but still can't get on with Catan. I've played a lot less video games too since getting back into board games.


Ha! I think we have probably Catan to blame for all this with its 'wood for sheep'. Catan and Carcassone on Xbox 360 were the two games that really got me back into this insane hobby and, somewhat ironically, playing less video games.


Thanks, I know that feeling (y)

Terra Mystica Board Game - £35.98 @
247° Expired
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
Terra Mystica Board Game - £35.98 @£37.99£39.995%
I've been looking at this for a while and am torn between this and Keyflower (i'm not getting both). However did notice it pretty cheap at playboardgames. 8.2 on BGG . NBP is Amaz… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I didn't know this was a thing. Thanks. Have enough groups on the go now though


You could look on the Meetup App ,i go to two groups in Manchester town centre that I found through that.


Get gaia project then, it's the better of the 2 games and plays solo


Unfortunately 2-5 players. There are plenty of solo games out there though. Do you know if there is a board game group local to you? Could be a way to find a group to play with if that was what you were after.


<3 Take it to your *other lair ;)

Zombicide : Green Horde board game - £42.99 @ PlayBoardGames
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Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
Zombicide : Green Horde board game - £42.99 @ PlayBoardGames£42.99
PlayBoardGames has 3 copies left of Zombicide Green Horde for £42 which is a fantastic price for what you get! This game usualy sells for £70-80 from what I can remember. PlayBoar… Read more

I think their stock on eBay and Amazon was linked to their web stores stock levels so I think it's sold out now sorry


I can't find any copies on Amazon or eBay. Can anyone provide a link?


Just checked it out & already says 'Sorry this item is out of stock'


Love a bit of Zombicide! Great price


I didn't think playboardgames were allowed due to insufficient reviews. Either way, not my cup of tea but good price. Heat