Playboy slippers just £2.99 at Halfcost

Playboy slippers just £2.99 at Halfcost

Found 1st Nov 2010
Nice offer - I just bought 3 pairs for Christmas pressies


With free delivery if you make order up to £10 till 06/11 - PLUS use code FF15 or PF15 for a 5-15% discount

In the WHITE the slippers are £3.99 with sizes S and L left

If you need a £1 item to bring over £10 they do a wooden / rattan wine rack for £1

And loads of great other offers if you want a good look around the site


what size of feet roughtly is a small


could be a xmas present for my wife. hot

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I'd say an adult 3-4 I think

I'm a 4-5 and I bought a pair for myself and will stuff my feet in if necessary! lol

If my heel comes out a bit at the back I'll just hide it with my PJ's

I managed to get the last 2 pairs of white ones in an M for my daughters...

Spotted these weeks ago , bookmarked it and nearly missed out - Glad its on free delivery though.. ( and managed to find a discount code too - The FF15 worked for me and gave 5% which is better than nothing - No Quidco! )

Size small is usually a 3-4

Why do people vote cold because they don't like the brand,this is a good filler item for the free postage,ordinary slippers would cost you that anyway.

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I think its a good offer anyway! (_;)

And am sure my daughters will be happy with them

What is the price for slippers nowdays anyway? ... And Playboy ones to boot!!

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*UPDATE* Slippers arrived today & they are excellent quality and very comfy - well chuffed

Sizes come up a little big so S were fine for me!

My daughters size M's might actually be a bit big for them - They look good in the white with the pink logo etc...

The £1 wine rack is great! ... Very rustic and amazing value

The only thing I don't like from halfcost are some cheap looking decorations which looked amazing in the picture but cheap and nasty in real life - And its not free returns!

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They have the size M in the pink back in stock now!

The L probably come up massive but you can get L in the white and S in both colours X)
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