Play.com 1 day sale
Play.com 1 day sale

Play.com 1 day sale

Just got email announcing Play 1 day only sale. Some good bargains to be had. Get in there quick


funny, how people are voting this cold, and then starting new threads for each item included inthe sale.
Id rather just have one thread, than 1 for ever item!

Hurry hurry buy now before you have any facts.

I have the facts now,it's garbage.

helps if you put some effort in... like listing what's on sale!

8GB and 16GB Class 10 Transcend SDHC cards:

Edit: Someone expired my deal! - to be honest I checked if this was specifically posted before submitting. All in one posts are good for sales and all, but personally I like specific deals as I you might miss items in a large thread.

Update: Unexpired, Thanks Mod squad!

To be fair on OP, posting deals is a learning curve - there's lots of seasoned hunters here, and if you post more precise info in people will vote hot as it saves them time etc. Just learn from it and post more info or at least update your original post with more deals!
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Sorry, should've given some examples

HTC Desire Sim free £389.99
Transformers blu ray £9.99
Western Digital 2TB hard drive £92.99
16GB flash drive £14.99

and others

Star Trek Blu-Ray £9.99. I know Tesco is slightly cheaper (with the code).

xbox live 12months +2 extra for £32.99 is a great deal

Cool, Just picked up 5 battle strikers for my Nephew saved about £20, were 4.99 now 99p

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I simply cannot understand the cold votes. This sale is not garbage. Other people are now posting other individual items from the 1 day sale and collectively over 300 degrees of heat, West Wing, Transformers, Star trek, memory cards etc etc. I agree with kula kev, rather have one link than every single deal posted, but maybe we are minority. Cheers guys

I agree it's nice to have separate examples, but as others have said, this post hardly warrants cold voting when so many individual items have been voted hot!

Voted hot.


Voted hot.


Don't worry too much about cold/hot votes. They rarely reflect real value anyway and most just express their personal opinions.

I like offers which don't make the front page because I have more of a chance of getting a bargain. Front page offers are usually sold quickly.

Voting cold is NOT the way to treat a newbie.

Hot from me on principle.

Cold voting puts me off posting...........typical example hotukdeals.com/dea…463

Deal at £70, now it's £105........

Ah well...............

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Someone explain why expired, sale doesnt end until midnight tonight?

many thanks to the op, found a rc ironside dalek half price for my dr who mad nephew :O)

Sorry but these are the same items they had in yesterdays One day sale ending at midnight.
Prices are no different to their usual prices also.
Just got to love Play for trying.:D

I think a lot of people also vote cold just to make a statement of "Why post this? We all got the same e-mail, and are fully aware."

As previously mentioned, just adding in a few examples can help.

The Sony BDP-S370 Blu-ray Disc Player, was £99.99 earlier, now it's up £20 to £119.99. So much for one day only, a few hours more like!
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