1GB SD Memory Card £3.99
-168°Expired 1GB SD Memory Card £3.99

Found 22nd Dec 2008
This is my first post so go easy please. selling 1GB SD cards for an amazing price of £3.99 that's a bargain also with free delivery.

* Write protect switch (prevents accidental erasure of data)
* For use in SD compliant devices including : Digital cameras, Camcorders, Mobile phones, MP3 players, Navigation Systems, PDAs and Notebooks
* By upgrading your cards you can stores more images, music, movies and data files
* Solid State - No moving parts
* Compliant with the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI)


[SIZE="3"]Sandisk 2gb sd card at WH Smith for £2.44 lol[/SIZE]…ard

But you can have a 2gb micro-sd with an adaptor for only 50p more -…tml

cold from me sorry

terrible!!! baaaaaaaaad price!!!


terrible!!! baaaaaaaaad price!!!

No doubt at all!

Sorry, but not a good deal so I had to vote cold.

This is my first post so go easy please.

You guys are cruel.
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