Play.com 2GB SD Card Twin Pack - £8.99 delivered @ Play !
Play.com 2GB SD Card Twin Pack - £8.99 delivered @ Play !

Play.com 2GB SD Card Twin Pack - £8.99 delivered @ Play !

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2 x 2GB SD cards for £8.99 or £4.50 each inc delivery

+ 36p Quidco.

Twin Pack: contains 2 x 2GB SD Cards
Write protect switch (prevents accidental erasure of data)
For use in SD compliant devices including : Digital cameras, Camcorders, MP3 players, Navigation Systems, PDAs and Notebooks
By upgrading your cards you can store more images, music, movies and data files
Solid State - No moving parts
Compliant with the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI)
5 year warranty


good find edi

Just ordered two for my new camera

ordered these a couple of weeks ago at that price. They come in one off those shrink wrap packages together (so you cant separate them for 2 gifts or anything without opening the packaging)

Who gives an SD Card as a present? :w00t:

These are great. Picked up some a week or two ago to use in my Wii and they're great.

Write speed is good (probably not cutting-edge, but easily good enough for almost anything) and I really can't fault them.

Packaging is horrible - it's that godawful hard plastic shell kind of thing (think Xbox 360 Accessories) that you need to hack part with a Stanley knife, but i'm really clutching at straws for something to hate here

If you need a USB SD reader, you can get this one play.com/Ele…tml for half price (£4.99 instead of £9.99) as an additional offer with these cards. No way would this be worth £9.99, but for £4.99, it's a good cheap option if you need a USB reader.

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voted hot thanks

Great price but if you are ordering anything else from the Fuji Refurb Store you might well want to get the twin pack there instead as they are £7.49 there for a twin pack (+ Postage) but obviously it will be free postage if you are buying something else anyway.

voted hot and BOUGHT OH YEAH !!!!!!!

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Welcome guys

Dont forget the 36p from Quidco !

thx m8.

ordered! excellent deal!

Amazing deal! I don't know how they can do these so cheap! Great find! Thanks a lot!

Great find...voted hot.

Voted hot, just what I've been looking for. Good find

are these any good?


are these any good?

Not for bricklaying or for spreading butter .... but for an SD memory card they 8 reviews on the Play.com website (see the item for sale) and comments above suggest that they are.

Thanks brought some

heat and rep added

On Play, one 4GB SD HC card is cheaper than the 2x2GB ones at £7.99


are these any good?

Plays SD-HC cards are made by Toshiba, so I would guess these come from an equally reliable source.

Excellent...Will go nicely with my Mums digital camera birthday box (If she ever bothers to learn how to use it :oops:)

The good thing about these as opposed to a 4gb is they will work in older devices that don't support SDHC

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On Play, one 4GB SD HC card is cheaper than the 2x2GB ones at £7.99

Depends whether your device is SD HC compliant
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