32GB Flash Drive £49.99 delivered + Quidco
126°Expired 32GB Flash Drive £49.99 delivered + Quidco

Found 13th Oct 2008
Play have reduced the price of their own-brand 32GB Flash drive to just £49.99. It's the first 32GB flash drive I've seen under £50 (except the fakes on ebay of course!).

The new portable hard-drive for your PC or MAC
Transfer data between computers using the USB sockets
Back-up those important files, the perfect partner for your laptop
Up to 40X faster than USB 1.1 (when connected to a USB 2.0 compliant system)
Backward compatible with USB 1.1 systems (Will run at USB1.1 speed)
Password protection (Windows)
2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
The perfect gift for anyone with a computer.
Fits on to your key ring
True Plug and Play
Complete with FREE neck-strap and USB docking station


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ok - … ok - but.........

Why don't you post that as a deal?:roll:

was sure i saw this one posted already but was in reponse to another thread yesterday - looks quite good i guess, dock handy if you have to fiddle about to plug them in usually.

very tidy

Looks good to me.

however what is the purpose of the docking station? Does it do anything other than act as an extension lead as the pen drive has a USB end on it.

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[SIZE="2"]I think the docking station would be useful if your PC had no USB inputs at the front, or if the flash drive was used a lot with one PC.[/SIZE]

Docking station is handy as the drive is very fat and won't fit into USB slots on many PCs. The dock has a standard size plug.

I'm going to wait 5 minutes a see if they are cheaper.... ;-)

how fast things are moving.. just two years before 1GB was too high
now 32GB flash drive !!!!

voted hot !

Bring on Holographic versitile discs I say. I want 4TB CD shaped discs and 300GB postage stamp shaped storage.…isc

They've been talking about them for AGES though.

yeah, just like theyve been talking about organic media.......10 tb on a Pea.

it depends how often you really need to move 32gb of data between computers.......

i would hazard a bet you'd be much better off with 2 x 16gb pens...think 7dayshop do them for like£16.99...
so thats 34 instead of £50 already.....just saved you a whole £16.

Yup, I was gunna say, why not get two 16GB drives? Or, for £50 why not get one of those self powered portable external drives, you get what 250GB for that price?

think maplins did a 500gb for 59.99 a few weeks ago.......

i use a 8gb SD a'll outperform most cheap usb pens on the market......
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