play.com having a £5 sale
play.com having a £5 sale

play.com having a £5 sale

Buy forBuy forBuy for£5
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selected dvds, books, music, gadgets and clothing all for £5 each... worth a look

1288 dvds, 2443 cds, 1886 books, 231 gadgets and 10 clothing items all currently on sale at £5 each grab a bargain!

dont forget your quidco too!


thanks, heat added

ta :thumbsup:

dont forget Quidco.

Good find, heat added.

thanks a few good things here

Thanks for the pointer :thumbsup:

thanks, voted hot

They're adding stuff at the moment. There's a whole lot more clothing just gone on.

Nice 1 - Heat added.

Under gadgets a.... Portable Hangover Kit : Toothbrush
Refreshing Wipe
Dextrose Slab
Sachet of Coffee
Well worth a fiver!

Thanks OP!

The Carve Your Own CardDescription:The Carve your own card is a wooden … The Carve Your Own CardDescription:The Carve your own card is a wooden postcard. The message can be etched on using an ordinary key, or a permanent black marker and can be actually posted!

You can get a small piece of wood for a fiver? Bargain! :lol:

Most of the items are tat, but voted hot (and "repped") as there's one or two items for most people in this sale.

Thanks, ordering a t-shirt now!

Thanks, voted hot

Ordered the racing nuns (as a joke for someone) about an hour ago, and already packing.

Dont forget quidco, and manchester met discount (if you have it!)

These items looks like the majority from 2 for £10 promotion that Play had just previously....:thinking:

voted hot! Thanks..

Just ordered 2 t-shirts..

Nothing remotely worth buying.

Wots the best items on there not got time to look until later?

How long do you think it'll be before somebody posts the Gentlemans Ballscratcher - again!

what are the beat items for a £5 on there aint got time to look until later?



great post!! bought loads already!

Good stuff - 4 films ordered. :thumbsup:

good deal

kinda funny they have the 2 disc casino royal dvd for the same price as the single disc LOL

were those dvds really 20 quid before? Or is play trying to make out your saving more than you are

They seem to have added more T-shirts - best of all some that are yet to be released including:




...both for a pretty amazing [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]£5[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Awesome stuff :thumbsup:

I've ordered 4 items for the wife. Mostly bad items but a few good ones

just bought a motorhead shirt! sweet!

The Who - My Generation (Deluxe Edition) (2CD)
Discoteque Vol.1: The Hacienda (2CD)
£5 a pop. Seems like there's one or two pretty decent cds on offer.

Stack of DVD's on their way!


How long do you think it'll be before somebody posts the Gentlemans … How long do you think it'll be before somebody posts the Gentlemans Ballscratcher - again!

Just for you:



Just for … Just for you:http://www.play.com/Gadgets/Gadgets/4-/479011/-/Product.html?searchstring=ballscratcher&searchsource=0

I have about 10 of them good thing you reminded me will order a couple more.... they seem to break easily or am I doing something wrong? :oops:

If you have tons of spare time then u might find something of use

I personally don't like play.com and would never order from them again, no matter how good their deals were. I never use to have a problem with the site until I was messed around with an order several months ago and I also know someone else who has had the same problem. Not to say this happens to everyone but when the customer services don't even bother getting back to you, it says something to me about this site :x

I am the same way, I used them loads over christmas and have been doing so for years, but they have messed up the last 3 orders and the customer service was appalling. I was sent a more expensive t-shirt (but it was mens and a star wars one so I didn't want to keep it) and when I emailed them to get a returns reference, I was emailed back saying I had to send it in so many days or I would get charged the extra value! Also they didn't refund my postage costs. After all that the t-shirt I wanted was out of stock anyway!

I Orgered My Heros Large Skinny Fit Top ,it Arived And Its The Thinnest Crapyest Smallest T Shirt I Have Ever Seen ,
Be Warw They Are No Good!!
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