Play.com Summer Sale NOW ON!!!
Play.com Summer Sale NOW ON!!!

Play.com Summer Sale NOW ON!!!

The Summer Sale @ Play.com is now on! There are many bargains to be had, in ranges throughout the store, with up to 75% savings!!!

Instructions: Click the above link to browse the categories at Play.com: DVD, Music, Games, Books, Audiobooks, Electronics, Gadgets, Mobiles & T-shirts!

Thanks to Swervy249 for the pointer!


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Thanks for the pointer Swervy! Hope there's a few bargains to be had!

Details of this deal were posted on the front page, you can read them here: [url="modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=4880&ez=2"]this article[/url] .

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[color=blue]Targus Laptop Bag @ Play.com - £14.99[/color]


[list][*] Interior File Pocket
[*] Padded Computer Compartment
[*] Heavy Duty Nickel Hardware
[*] 2 Multimedia CD Pockets
[*] Adjustable Cushioned Dividers
[*] Oversized Leather Wrapped Padded Handle
[*] 3 Interior Gusseted Pockets
[*] Full Length File Pocket
[*] Mobile Phone Pocket
[*] Electronic Organiser Pocket
[*] Colour: Black
[*] Device Dimensions: 36 x 27 x 9cm
[*] Exterior Dimensions: 40.5 x 34 x 15cm
[*] Exterior Material: Nylon
[*] Shoulder Strap- Detachable with Cushioned pad
[*] Lifetime Warranty
[*] Weight 2.7 kg [/list]

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[color=blue]Western Digital 320GB Hard Drive @ Play.com - £99.99[/color]


[list][*] Backward compatible with existing USB 1.1 ports
[*] The fast and easy way to add instant high-speed storage for both desktop and notebook systems
[*] Hot-swap capability allows easy connection of a new peripheral without powering off the computer
[*] Designed with a WD Caviar 7200 RPM hard drive and a high-speed USB 2.0 bridge for maximum performance
[*] Compact and elegant design, easily stackable
[*] Backed by WD's commitment to data protection and award-winning customer support and services
[*] Make room for the massive amount of data required by today's storage-hungry digital devices like digital cameras, digital video (DV) camcorders, and MP3 players
[*] Archive valuable data from notebooks
[*] Add virtually unlimited storage with multiple USB 2.0 external hard drives
[*] Back up your existing hard drive for extra data security
[*] Easily share and integrate files between computers
[*] Power Dissipation: AC Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, AC Input Frequency 50-60 Hz, AC Input Current 0.6A max (RMS)[/list]

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Yeah £2.50 delivered for 4 sony rechargeable batteries is good Fordy. There are quite a lot of good bargains in the sale! As ever, Play.com keeping up their excellent reputation.

Edit - the batteries are now OOS and have gone up to £8.99

There are also the same set of 4 battereries in the sale for £3.99, for some reason its cheaper with this lanyard thingy!

All with 2% Quidco too

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They have loads of funky mousemats from[size=6][color=red] £2.99.[/color][/size] Click the direct links below to see them.


[size=7]Oh my God [/size] :lol:

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[size=7]Oh my God [/size] :lol:


All in one place, those mouse mats.... Looks like animation punk :lol:

this years must have has gotta be the furry animal cd holders

Bargain at 4.99!


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Tee Hee!! I really like the burger one (only £2.99):


surely a cuddly elephant is worth paying 2 quid more for!

[float-right]beta.hotukdeals.com/images/deals/338.jpg" alt="http://beta.hotukdeals.com/images/deals/338.jpg" />


[url=beta.hotukdeals.com/go/?m=117]beta.hotukdeals.com/images/gotodeal.gif" alt="http://beta.hotukdeals.com/images/gotodeal.gif" />[/url][/float-right]This great Targus Laptop Bag is on offer in the Play.com Summer Sale for only £14.99 - that's a bargain! The RRP was £49.99, so there is a £35 discount on this item. The dimensions are included below, to check against the size of your laptop before you purchase.

Specifications: Interior File Pocket, Padded Computer Compartment, Heavy Duty Nickel Hardware, 2 Multimedia CD Pockets, Adjustable Cushioned Dividers, Oversized Leather Wrapped Padded Handle, 3 Interior Gusseted Pockets, Full Length File Pocket, Mobile Phone Pocket, Electronic Organiser Pocket, Colour: Black, Device Dimensions: 36 x 27 x 9cm, Exterior Dimensions: 40.5 x 34 x 15cm, Exterior Material: Nylon, Shoulder Strap- Detachable with Cushioned pad, Lifetime Warranty, Weight 2.7 kg.

Find more: [url=beta.hotukdeals.com/?category_filter=8&order_by=Newest]General Shopping deals[/url] | [url=beta.hotukdeals.com/?merchant_filter=117&order_by=Newest]Play.com deals[/url]

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I've just bought an Uniross Sprint 15 Minute Charger for £15.99.
It comes with 4 batteries and it's cheaper than anywhere else


Save upto 75% off at play.com in their summer sale. Loads of bargains to be had by all!


[SIZE=2]Its a classic![/SIZE]

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The final reductions are now on in the play.com summer sale. I must say this has been an excellent sale, really brilliant deals! A round of applause for play.com!!!


Hee hee!!! The shower breasts are now down to £4.99 delivered! What a … Hee hee!!! The shower breasts are now down to £4.99 delivered! What a great joke present they would make! Can you picture the look on your bosses face if he/she opened a parcel containing these!!?][COLOR=Blue]Shower Breasts @ Play.com - £4.99 delivered[/COLOR]

Love these.Just ordered a pair.Its the breast deal of the month.:lol:
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