Supermini Bluetooth Headset £5 @ Play (QUIDCO ALSO)
67°Expired Supermini Bluetooth Headset £5 @ Play (QUIDCO ALSO)

Found 24th Feb 2009

This stylish Bluetooth headset is an easy-to-wear miniature in-ear device. Easy to use and comfortable to wear, combined with its efficient power management, mean you can be hands-on and hands free throughout your day. The headset will offer up to 6 hours talk time and 120 hours standby.


Anyone know if these work with iphone?

Or if will work with PS3 (suppose it will with 1.2 bluetooth stack)
if someone can confirm, would be great as a backup when my one is charging.
Hot anyhow

Maybe put QUIDCO in title (people like quidco)

Original Poster

good spot

Very little info. provided on Play website?!

anyone know if this is battery powered, or can be charged from the mains?
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