Playhouse instore @ ASDA - £44.50

Playhouse instore @ ASDA - £44.50

Found 25th Jul 2014Made hot 26th Jul 2014
Kids playhouse half price in Asda


Is this national?

it was £49 in york

doubt it's national. definitely store specific

yeah store specific scotland stores still £89


That's a bargain!

Hot!! Bought this for £80 odd last year. Looks brand new sitting in garden for the past year and is used lots.

Which store was this please? I would love one of these 4 my little girl xx

Which store did you find this? Thanks xx

was £71 in Peterborough today

Is it possible to buy one and I even organise the delivery? I would be so grateful. Pleeeeeeaaaasseeee. My son would love it

There's loads at this price in Poole holes bay

adslis did they have any other outdoor kids toys reduced?

Still £89 at Boldlon, Leechmere and Pennywell

Its quite a big box. So no chance of me being able to get this home.

I just got this asda parkhead marked full price scans £44.50

Still 89 at Blackpool :-(

Any in Southampton area

just bought this in Glasgow great bargain!

£47.99 in smyths simillar one, available for everyone…se/

Is there a bar code for the asda one?

Asda's Kilmarnock still had two left at £44.50


adslis did they have any other outdoor kids toys reduced?

Hi. Yes they had loads. A whole aisle full

store specific

Wasted trip to Poole asda (holes bay) £66.75

Any in Greater London?

Picked one up from Tipton store today

Half a dozen or so of the playhouse's in Swindon, Wilts (Orbital) store today if anyone is looking for one in that area. And they were priced at £44.50.

About 5 left in the dartford store
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