Playing it Safe: The Crazy World of Britain's Health and Safety Regulations book £1.93 at Asda
Playing it Safe: The Crazy World of Britain's Health and Safety Regulations book £1.93 at Asda

Playing it Safe: The Crazy World of Britain's Health and Safety Regulations book £1.93 at Asda

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Imagine a world where you wellington boots come with a 24-page instruction manual, or council carers who are prohibited from making tea for OAPs in case they scald themselves on the job. Welcome to Britain in the 21st century, where the Jobsworth now lords it large, issuing edicts of mind-boggling stupidity that ruin the quality of people's lives all in the name of Health and Safety. Journalist Alan Pearce has compiled the most outrageous and hilarious (and unfortunately all true) examples of Health and Safety gone mad. They will make you cringe whilst crying with laughter. You couldn't make it up! Includes: * The author who was banned from selling his book in case it caused paper cuts. * The swings removed from a playground in case children were blinded by the sun while playing on them. * An international cycle race banned after worries about urinating cyclists. * The risk assessment needed before a local village hall could sell mince pies.


Looks interesting, Hot from me.

£1.99 for delivery though

All very good for a laugh, but bear in mind the vast majority of these ‘health and safety gone mad’ stories running in the the press are not actually based on any enshrined HSE regulations, but misguided individuals who see danger lurking everywhere or councils overreaching in an attempt to prevent themselves being sued by those ‘where there’s blame, there’s a claim’ ambulance chasing low life law firms.

I wouldn't recommend this. Having read Alan Pearce's other book along the same lines, it is clear he's a hack. He just copies and pastes sensationalist or minority-instance sidebars from tabloid newspapers and calls it a book. Most of it is not indicative of a general trend and isn't even well written or funny. Even at this price his work is a waste of paper.
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£1.99 for delivery though

When I add to basket it shows delivery as £0.00

Waste of money, sheer fantasy, so just buy a Daily Mail, it's cheaper, and at least then it will cut into bigger squares before wiping you backside on it.

If you don't particularly need the toilet paper, (although in time, many of us will when things get really bad) then just watch any of the right wing Tory crackpots like Pickles when he is spouting this sort of LIE on TV while attempting to dismantle Local Government.

Only benefit of the book would appear to be providing work for the printers and distribution staff, but it still doesn't outweigh the drawbacks of spending money on rubbish poorly pretending to be serious with a touch of humour.

The protection of our Health & Safety is one of few forms of protection that still remain, although cuts and redundancies of course mean not much of it will be enforced before long anyway.


When I add to basket it shows delivery as £0.00

Yeah, but it adds it afterwards.....

Which version is this? First released 2007. New edition 2009.
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