Playmobil 4865 Lion Knight's Empire Castle £99.99 @ Amazon

Playmobil 4865 Lion Knight's Empire Castle £99.99 @ Amazon

Found 7th Nov 2013
If, like us, your child has been asking for this, then now looks like a good time to buy...

Been watching this for a little while, and noticed a couple of months ago it was this price, but it's back down to it now. Has been £120 for a few weeks, and today dropped to less than £100... Not sure if it'll go any further, but since we've got to make sure we have it for Christmas, and it's only £10 more than the cheapest it's ever been, then it's a must at this price!

Oh, and if people want to vote cold, then please follow site rules, and state the reason of why it's cold Not just that it's been available at a cheaper price before...

The Playmobil Lion Knight's Empire Castle is a gigantic fort in which the King and Queen live, entertain, store their treasure, and fight battles. With high walls and lots of traps to contend with, this is the best place to be when your enemy attacks!
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Awesome price- very rare to be this price. Great Christmas present!
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