Playmobil Damaged Box Sale
Playmobil Damaged Box Sale

Playmobil Damaged Box Sale


This is my first post so I hope I get it right!

There have been previous posts about this but they have expired but Playmobil have a damaged box sale on at the moment although it does end on th 9th of April. All the items are reduced by 50%:

They include:

3255 Noahs Ark £25
4010 Cargo Train £65
4097 Power Truck £10
4170 Triceratops with baby £15
4171 T-Rex £10
4175 Amphibious Vehicle £8.50
4184 Red Racing Car £3.99
4189 Equine Transporter £12.50
4221 Ambulance £12.50
4222 Medical Helicopter £12.50
4310 Jet Airliner £17.50
4404 Hospital £50
4418 Recycling Truck £10
4429 Police Boat £10
4440 Knights Take Along Castle £15
4490 Animal Farm £25

You need to call the customer services department on 01268 490184 9am-5pm

Postage is free on orders over £30. You also need to inform them if any parts are missing within 3 month so that they can be ordered free of charge.

Seems like a good deal to me and I am hoping that they have some more of these sales nearer to christmas


Hot from me, thanks

Cheers, Mrs just ordered these, the kids will be well chuffed

What's the delivery charge? The website suggests its £6?

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Looks like the deal has been expired, not sure why as I'm sure they still have some left and the sale doesn't finish until the 9th. Anyway, if there is some stock still left it says on my leaflet that it's free postage for orders over £30 otherwise it's £3.75.

Hope that helps



Great deal, just ordered the boat and noahs ark, thanks

Ive just ordered the ambulance, the jet airliner, the recycling truck and the police boat for my little boys birthday at the end of May. I know hes not going to be bothered about the damaged boxes

Thanks for that! Just ordered my Son the hospital, the amphibious vehicle, and Medical helicopter for his birthday :-)



Thanks for that! Just ordered my Son the hospital, the amphibious … Thanks for that! Just ordered my Son the hospital, the amphibious vehicle, and Medical helicopter for his birthday :-)

Where do you find the box damaged stuff??

Ignore that, ive seen you have to call up...

Excellent, just got the ambulance, thanks for sharing the info!

Thanks, am just about to order some for my son's birthday xx

Heat added great post, thanks

Planes sold out, I got the last one.

voted hot!

They usually have these sales in the new year. Suppose these are new returns as I know they did one in Jan this year.


Great Post...the Plane is a must buy!


Oh well...it WAS a must buy!!

I almost ordered the plane but went for the t-rex, ambulance and the amphibious vehicle.

Heat and rep xx

the farm looks cool


Thanks got the recycling truck, t rex, amphibeous vehicle and the red racing car to push is over 30 quid.

Thank you...am voting hot! Have just bought the hospital & ambulance for £62.50...the hospital alone costs £97.89 alone in Argos so am very happy with the saving!

where did you find out about the sale? I can't find anything on their website about it. Looks like it's expired now that is the 9th.

for anyone who missed out on this, Argos have reduced some of their Playmobil at the moment (hospital is down to £78.31, ambulance and rescue helicopter are £19.59, jet plane £23.51) plus they're running their £5 voucher for a £50 spend, so worth a look if that's what you're after.

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Hi everyone
I read about these sales from a previous post but if you want to know about future sales, when you call them you can give them your details and they send you their catalogue and the damaged box sale flyer. I'm hoping that whenever they have another sale in the future they will automatically send the flyer out? They are a great saving!

Remember to not change the clothes on Noah or you will get a knock at the door from Playmobil

Just to let you know, I phoned to be added to list for next sale - and it is extended until this Friday - HTH

just wondering if anyone knows the date of the January sale??
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