Playmobil Leisure Jet 5954 £18.74 at John Lewis

Playmobil Leisure Jet 5954 £18.74 at John Lewis

Found 11th Oct 2013
Playmobil Leisure Jet 5954.
Currently on John Lewis website for £18.74 which is the cheapest I can see it by quite some margin plus free click and collect from waitrose or JL stores.

This appears to now be out of stock at almost all other reputable stores and only remains being sold near or at full rrp by 3rd party sellers. I would assume playmobil are discontinuing it as it is no longer on there website.

It is currently selling:

eBay - ranging from £32 to £64!
Mothercare - £23.99 down from £59.99 but out of stock
Argos - out of stock
Amazon - (3rd party) £40.23
Tesco sellers - £52.63
Elc - £59.99 down to £23.99 but Out of Stock
Smiths toys & The Entertainer, both oos

I can't locate it anywhere else.

I think £18.74 from John Lewis is excellent, especially if you had planned to buy this - I'd get it now before they are all gone, there are currently more than 10 in stock.

I hope this saves someone from paying the full rrp of £60 for one at a later date when their little one decides they want it for Christmas and nothing else will do!!!!

:-) thank you!
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If you are voting cold, please have the decency to tell us where I can buy this cheaper. Thank you
Not voted but according to this, original price is £24.99…jet
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Thanks for that. Maybe that is tjhughes last selling price? I actually brought this from playmobil website just over a year ago and I can't remember exactly what I paid but it was about £35 - I don't ever trust the inflated rrp prices some websites post!!! And certainly wouldn't pay them!
great find. We already have this and I paid well over the price you found it for.
Amazon selling price (currently OOS)

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Amazon are oos
Post now. But great deal!

Post now. But great deal!

meant oos!
Bought this on amazon for same price back in June ... Possibly heading back up in price if it is ,or about to be, discontinued
Out of stock now :-(
I think the £60ish one is the bigger jet with the cargo hold complete with cargo thing-a-ma-jiggies. Anyone seen that on offer??
dont know what it ia but its out of stock....
This should never have been sold for more £25-£30, as it's a cheaper US mass market version of the old £30 plane - 3185, which was superseded by a bigger plane - 4130, both now retired.

ELC had a huge mark up so that they could sell 'discounted'. £18 is about the max it is worth. Just because some eBay and Amazon sellers try and make a killing, doesn't make £60 the normal price! They are hoping people will think it's the current Playmobil airplane which is a lot bigger and retails for £60:-…ion

I therefore voted cold.
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