Playmobil Rock Stage and Band. £29.99 @ Argos RPP  £79.99

Playmobil Rock Stage and Band. £29.99 @ Argos RPP £79.99

Found 1st Jan 2015
Less Than Half Price . Great price. Was £79.99.
The Playmobil Stage is the perfect venue for your next concert! The stage is full of speakers and the drummer sits at the back.The Playmobil Keyboard Player is set up ready for his performance.The Playmobil Band have been practicing and are now ready to give their finest performance.
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Around £50 on eBay
Also saw this in TK Maxx today for £29.99 :-) seems good!
Is also this price in home bargains if you can find it
How cool is that.
£29.99 is the most I'd pay for this set. For £80 you can get the fully furnished department store, so I don't believe the £80 RRP was a real price. I started off on Argos at £39.99 'Half Price' and was never at the higher price.

I paid £25 for it last year through and the Playmobil Collector's Club (PCC)

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