Playmobil School Building Argos £39.99 was £119.99

Playmobil School Building Argos £39.99 was £119.99

Found 3rd Jul 2013
Came across this whilst searching through the Argos clearance deals. Doesn't look like it comes with people, but you could always buy this and then hop on to Amazon to buy the School Carry Case for £9.58 which does have people plus other accessories. Cheaper than buying the furnished School Building.…ool
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comes with 10 people. This is a mini version of the big school building but still a great price

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My Daughter has this and loves it well worth the price
Heat added, great price
Hasn't been lower than £55 on Amazon; heat from me

Site closed! oO
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I bought this at that price before Xmas and its bigger than i expected, kids love it, has lots of bits and people
hmm I dont think it was ever sold for full price though. thought it was always sold for 59.99 anyway
Thanks, just reserved one as a leaving present for my daughters playgroup
Reserved cheers OP!
We bought this last year when it was £59.99.
Be warned though, open it and check that there is nothing missing.
We bought it in August but left it until two days before Christmas before we built it and there was so much missing!
The clock, the steps, some of the pieces that joined the building to make it steady.... Bloody nightmare!

We couldn't take it back as it was too late and Playmobil wanted to charge us £30 for the missing parts! I ended up getting rid of it because it wouldn't stay together when my daughter would play with it. We were gutted.

Lesson learnt.
I've never got playmobil for my pair, is it like a lego type thing?
I loved Playmobil as a kid, it's not really like LEGO, but sturdy in the same respect
No stock near me, my kids would've loved it
Thank You. One Christmas Present ordered.
Great price,picked up mine from Truro store
Certainly £40 is better than £60, but I don't think it was ever worth £120, as it is a smaller version of set 4324 (as already mentioned) - the kind of set that is aimed at the US mass market and is often ridiculously cheap - especially after the price is marked down, which seems to be the custom in the US.

However - much more affordable than the £150 are currently asking for the larger set.

If parts are missing and you have proof of purchase, will replace the parts for free. I've done this several times with no problems, and you wouldn't expect anything else.

Playmobil is often compared to Lego, as you're building a model world, but at probably twice the scale or more. However it is not primarily a construction toy. I love putting the buildings together - but that's the problem: young kids 4 and above can't do it until they are a lot older. On the continent, children happily play with this into their teens - especially the soldier themes, and there are many adult collectors. It's a top quality toy, and it looks so much more realistic than Lego... but then, that's not the point of Lego.

I was lucky - I won the whole School theme in an on-going competition on Playmobil's Facebook page. Each month, if you win enough votes for your 'playmo story', you can pick any complete theme as your prize - 1 winner a month.

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