Playseat Challenge £159.95 @ (£3.95 delivery)

Playseat Challenge £159.95 @ (£3.95 delivery)

Found 11th Jun 2014
New to the UK market in 2014 the PlaySeat Challenge Simulator Racing Gaming Chair is the most perfect racing gaming chair for those short on space.

The PlaySeat Challenge Racing Gaming Chair folds down to approximately 11 inches thick when not in use. This also makes this chair very easy to transport and travel with.

Cheapest around. This has good reviews on the uk amazon, the US amazon and inside sim racing also gave it a good review!

Yes, the pictures make it look like a garden stool. But when set up properly this is apparently a good entry level sim rig.
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The wheel and pedals are not included (obviously).
Hmmm. £160 for what looks like a camping chair with a couple of bits added so you can attach a steering wheel and pedals does not strike me as good value.

£30 or something I might have been tempted as I can't justify (or fit .... more to the point) a full size racing setup. But at this price? No thanks ....
Tbh, it looks like a pile of cr+p and not worth £160 odd
I would argue it's worth it to people who have the money for something like this. The next playseat up the ladder is probably the evo and thats an extra 80 quid and takes up space permanently in the house.. The next best thing for something that you can store is a wheel stand pro, which isnt a cockpit, and still costs 80 quid from ebay.

Cheapest price for this though. 200 quid everywhere else.
I could afford one. And I would actually quite like a racing setup that doesn't take up half my living room.

But I'm not paying £160 for that. It may be the best price for it, but it's still WAY overpriced for what it is. And this is coming from someone who was quite happy to pay a four figure sum for a TV ....
Get a seat and buy a lap tray, when done return seat to dinning room / kitchen and eat your dinner off the tray. Job done (_;).
lap tray stable with force feedback ?
Your average dining room chair isnt adjustable either donkii, you donkey.
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