Playskool discovery Dome and Playmat - Only 24.99 Half Price

Playskool discovery Dome and Playmat - Only 24.99 Half Price

Found 28th Nov 2007
Argos have the Playskool discovery dome at half price- this is an excellent toy for those struggling to buy younger family members presents and bargain at moment. Also add another playskool item and you will get the playskool finger puppet glove for free (usually 9.99) Hope this helps someone. (Dont forget argos voucher offer as well should you have few things to buy.)

Details are:

Puppet play, ball dropping, shape sorters, a squeaker, a musical door bell, a picture book and much more can all be found in the Discovery Dome.

Designed to help you and your baby play, learn, and grow together.

Provides 15 fun activities.

Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).

For ages 3 months and over.
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Good deal, good product, and good price.


Amazon reviews:…XNE - exclusively positive.


"It's practically a playroom all on its own, what with the 15 activities built into the collapsible dome. There are smiling critters, mesmerizing colors, inviting textures and toys galore, including a squeaker phone, a shape-sorting mailbox, a ball-drop chute, hanging toys to bat at and even a built-in animal picture book and puppet - all just waiting for some good interactive play. Age three months and up."

49 reviews here, average score 4.2/5, 97% recommend…ws/

Hot, especially given that there's plenty of stock, which is quite often not the case on argos specials.
Creative Child Magazine, Seal of Excellence Award (Baby Toys Category)

Colorful, fabric play dome is designed to invite you and your baby to play, learn and grow together! There are smiling critters, inviting textures, mesmerizing colors and activities to explore and discover at every stage of your baby’s development. Play “peek-a-boo” behind the curtain! Ring the doorbell! A special squeaker phone is great for pretend conversations. A shape-sorting mailbox introduces shapes and colors. Drop balls down the chute! Baby can bat and kick at the cute hanging toys. Get baby’s attention and shake the rattles! There’s also a built-in animal picture book and special LET’S PLAY TOGETHER tip card with fun ideas for you and your baby to play together!

Includes fabric dome with rods, left fence panel/door, right fence panel, threshold, left front support, right front support, left rear base, mesh ball pocket, right rear base, 3 balls, spider teether, "phone", monkey rattle, fish rattle, mailbox shape sorter with 3 fit-in shapes, 2 links, triangle, circle, square, bag of screws, LET’S PLAY TOGETHER tip card and instructions.
CAUTION: Keep Small Part Necessary for Assembly out of Children's reach.

A cozy, comfy spot for making new discoveries with your baby, this activity-filled mat has characters, textures and rhyming themes to help make tummy time more fun! Spin the spider while singing 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' or slide the monkey to act out 'Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!' You can surprise baby with the birdie rattle as you hum the tune of 'Sing a Song of Sixpence', and flip the page to reveal cute characters from 'Hey, Diddle, Diddle!' There’s even a crinkling leaf for playing peek-a-boo and a mirror and squeaker to help engage your baby in important tummy-and-story-time fun! There’s even a play-along tip card included with even more suggestions on how to get the most out of your special time together.
This activity dome makes it easy for you to get down on the floor and play with your child. Here are some tips for maximizing the fun.

Let's Play Together!™ more about this stage
Great games:
Peek-a-Boo. Is that Mommy behind the curtain? Close the flap, open it with a flourish and let the giggles begin. More than just fun, peek-a-boo helps your baby to feel safer in the world because it teaches him that you’re still there even when your baby can’t see you.
Knock Knock. Ring the doorbell. Surprise! Look who’s come to visit!
Ding-a-Ling. The phone habit starts early with the squeaker phone. Let baby listen in as you play-act conversations with him, his teddy bear, Grandma, the puppy down the block, etc. Show him how to make the phone squeak (and while you’re at it, you can sneak in some simple lessons about numbers).

Let's Discover!™ more about this stage
Jump-start your baby’s exploration of the dome’s appealing sights, sounds and textures by being his tour guide. Point to pictures in the animal book, roll the ball, twist the spinner, fit shapes into the shape sorter, play with the puppet, shake the rattles, ”zoom” an older baby through the tunnel. Go at your baby’s speed and repeat your demos more than once. With an older child, play follow the leader—when he’s ready to take over the play, let him show you.

Let's Move!™ more about this stage
The Peek ‘N Play Discovery Dome™ will get your child moving. A young baby will start out tracking the hanging toys with his eyes. Then one day, Eureka! He’ll discover he can bat them with hands or feet. By making silly noises each time your baby swats or kicks you’ll encourage a repeat performance. For babies who are ready to roll, scoot or crawl, place some tempting toys just out of reach. Or place toys inside the dome and play fetch. For a newbie walker, roll the ball across the room and root for him as he toddles after it. Then show him how to drop the ball down the chute—a great way to help him learn to coordinate hand and eye movements.
had a look, none of the other Playskool toys seem really worth having....

So will just stick with the dome and mat....
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