Playskool - Kota My Triceratops was £300 now £150 delivered @ the entertainer

Playskool - Kota My Triceratops was £300 now £150 delivered @ the entertainer

Found 20th Jul 2010
How many kids today have their own rideable triceratops?

Kota the Triceratops dinosaur will excite kids for years to come! Kota is a 'life size' baby dinosaur that is rideable and interactive; guaranteed to capture your child's imagination! Creativity comes to life as your child has a chance to interact with pre-historic history!

Kota the Triceratops features eleven sensors located over his body. With the capability to react to touch and sound! Kota will react to various stimuli that you provide! Always enjoying attention, Kota will roar back to you when you speak to him! When you touch the triceratops, Kota will move his head, tail, and horns in appreciation. Your triceratops will even let out a friendly dino roar! Included with Kota the Triceratops are the 'leafy greens' that are used to feed Kota! Simply move the green towards Kota's mouth and he will begin making munching sounds! Everyone knows how hungry a dinosaur gets!

Kota the triceratops dinosaur is designed to stimulate your child's imagination and create a magical experience! Kota is the most realistic toy dinosaur ever made of it size! Standing at over a metre tall, Kota is large enough to let small children sit on his back and simulate riding him around the room! A spring-loaded seat is built into the triceratops's back that lets your kids ride comfortably while hanging onto a hidden handle behind the dinosaurs head! Your kids will enjoy their prehistoric journey by flipping a hidden switch which plays adventure-themed songs!

Please note: colours vary!


* 'Life size' rideable baby dinosaur
* Contains 11 sensors that react to touch and sounds
* Makes sounds such as a dino roar
* Moves head, tail and horns in response to touch
* Makes munching sounds when 'fed' by included leafy greens
* Plays adventure-themed songs at the touch of a button

3 years +
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got ours from argos last year for under £100 defo not worth £300 but they are robust one thing though if your going to pick one up the box is very very big!!!!
Would an adult be too big for this?
Cold from me, not worth £100 let alone £150.
Takes up loads of room and does not do much at all.
Bit of noise, some tunes, head and tail wags, big deal.
Grand daughter had more fun in the box!
hummm it says rideable in the description, does it actually move or does it just mean you can sit on it like a chair!.

Does anyone no wher i can buy one of these new please
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