PlaySkool Kota Triceratops £99 delivered John Lewis

PlaySkool Kota Triceratops £99 delivered John Lewis

Found 9th Apr 2009
If you missed the Amazon deal for £90 this is the next best price, only dropped in price today.


now that is cool haha

Better than the tescodirect clearance one that was on earlier for ?£150

I want one. And I'm 30.

My kids were terrified of this when it was in Costco !

Is the kid detachable? (I have three already)


How are these for commuting?

depends if they are exempt from the congestion charge!

Man, I want a heard of these so I can tie a carriage or sleigh to them and give it my nan instead of her having a mobility scooter.

'Here comes the old dinosaur . . . and her dinosaurs."

Oh man.

I'm soooooooooo tempted to buy one for my niece.

More becuase I know my sister would go mental as she'd have to find somewhere to put it! :-D

This is cool. I'm so skint though!

But does it actually walk or just wag it's tail and head? I know it says it makes stomping sounds but it doesn't say it stomps.

I got my eldest a poodle that grows (in the sale, I hasten to add!) and that wags and stuff but doesn't walk. It was really disappointing! :?

No it doesnt walk.. it burps though and snores !!!!!!!

Got a Grand son (one of 6) who is dinosaur mad .Have been looking at this over 6 months. Anyway thanks to you HOT DEALERS I have ordered it. It is not Grandsons birthday til October not sure if I will last til then.
Voted RED HOT.
Thankyou !!!!!

Original Poster

My wife found this deal. Wanted to buy it for youngest sons 2nd birthday in September. I didn't want her to buy it though, I reckon it will drop even further before September. We will now have a giant triceratops to hide in the house for the next 5 months!



wish he could move
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