Playskool Lullaby Gloworm toy (blue or pink) only £2.99 Argos

Playskool Lullaby Gloworm toy (blue or pink) only £2.99 Argos

Found 4th Jul 2012
This delightful Playskool Lullaby Gloworm toy has a friendly face that lights up, and when hugged by baby, plays soothing lullaby tunes. A great bedtime companion.

Pink :…htm
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On iPad, cannot add image
hot thanks an xmas present ordered8)
Deal image added for you now, thanks for posting aj_aziz

just noticed pink is also available for £2.99 (added to title)

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[image missing]

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Surprisingly there are plenty in stock
Thanks just ordered for store pick up.
when you search for this it is different price, might be just error in pricing...
Thanks ordered for pick up. Hot
Many thanks for sharing OP, great spot. We've shared this on our Facebook page also (Click pic to view)


can anyone confirmed price paid when collecting in store please
This must be a price error, its half price if you look on the website at £7.99
There's lots where the prices are different when go to the product page, it's as if the search page prices haven't been updated but product pages have
Thanks - I've reserved one at £2.99 but I'm concerned that the price shows as £7.99 on the main search page. Will attempt to pick it up some time today or tomorrow to see if it comes up as £2.99 or not... will let everyone know.
i reserved one for £2.99... just printed my email will they match that ?
Reserved, hopefully they are £2.99 - another christmas pressie sorted Thanks op!!
Heat added. I'm gunna get Blue for the girl and Pink for the boy, cos I'm postmodern like that
Great have some heat
heat added
Great have some heat
Out of stock in the 2 near me Anyone fancy being a nice Misker and getting a pink one for me?
Have reserved 2 blue and one pink, great pressies and one for my own little lad, thanks, great spot heat added
El scorchio!! Nearly bought this a few weeks ago when it was £6.99 (I think). Glad I waited now!! Thanks OP!
Thanks for this OP - ordered one of each. Seemed to have a few in stock in Victoria in London in case anyone is nearby.
Bargainous! Heat added and thanks OP
you will be charged whatever the price is:) when you collect NOT when you reserve item, well worth a try though.
managed to reserve 2

can someone confirm when they have gone to pick it/them up they are being charged the correct price
Great price reduction, just reserved the last two in Macclesfield, couple of 1st birthdays coming up - ideal. Thanks for posting, heat added
how does reserving work

as iv received 2 and it said there were only 2 left in stock

am i certain to get these when got at 1:30

really hope they are this price

ill sleep really good one on each side............

i mean

kids will love them


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Thanks - just ordered one for my friend's baby

Out of stock in the 2 near me Anyone fancy being a nice Misker and … Out of stock in the 2 near me Anyone fancy being a nice Misker and getting a pink one for me?

dont mind getting one for you... do let me know.
Just reserved online and picked it up. No problems. Thanks.
Super was going to get one at the £6.99 price but this is ace!

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thanks one blue ordered
Oh FFS. Keep missing out on these Argos deals. Only bought one a week ago for £6.99. DOH!
Can confirm that I have just been to argos to pick it up, £2.99 no problems! thanks op!
ordered, thanks op.
Just picked a blue one up from the Carmarthen @ £2.99, 1 left there on the machine, mine was reserved....
Reserved, paid and collected a blue one. Can confirm they are £2.99. Heat added!
Could someone pick me up a blue one plz sold out here. X
Reserved 1 of each for my babies, thanks so much OP xx
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