PlayStation 2 Travel Pack with Monitor - £19.99 @ amazon

PlayStation 2 Travel Pack with Monitor - £19.99 @ amazon

Found 9th May 2008Made hot 24th May 2008
Having just booked a driving holiday to the South of France I have been frantically looking for something that is going to keep my kids occupied for the 20 hour long drive. I was thinking portable DVD player but then stumbled across this pack on Amazon. It includes a screen, power adaptor for the cigarette lighter and a carry case. At only £19.99 this is an absolute bargain given that the PS2 will play DVD's as well! It also means they can play their games whilst on the move. I'm assuming this is a clearance line as every other comparable product seems to be well in excess of £60.


only 1 left !!!

Screen's not very big but not bad for 20 quid.

Should be 0 left now, thanks for that!

Rep added too.

Looks like it's for the original PS2, not the slimline one.

Can anyone confirm?

Out of stock but still taking orders!
Don't suppose they will honour the order but you could use it to get free delivery.

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I see these are back in stock now so maybe they are limited after all?

Came today, is actually for slim PS2.

still 1 left...


still in stock ... great price

Good price

I got a screen for my PS2 (non slimline) it was really bad quality with lines across the screen when you watched a DVD or played a game.

should be top, once i pass, suppose i ca just sit my car and play
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