Playstation 3 160GB bundle £369.00 @ VERY
Playstation 3 160GB bundle £369.00 @ VERY

Playstation 3 160GB bundle £369.00 @ VERY

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Playstation 3 160GB bundle with Medal of Honour, Call of Duty: Black Ops, headset, Dual shock controller and HDMI lead


VERY bad deal

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same was said in my fifa deal where else can i pay each week pls


same was said in my fifa deal where else can i pay each week pls

Credit Card . Duh!!!

if money is tight and you can't afford a one off payment, the best thing would just be to save up till you can afford it ... and after time fifa + the ps3 wil be cheaper anyway as a one off price.. as this is almost double the price of what it has been and unless you are desperate for a ps3/fifa then i would just wait it out, or just try and buy one preowned for a cheaper price - hope this helps!

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cant get a credit card m8 just got one of those electron debit cards

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thanks adam but we just wanna play fifa as soon as poss lol, will take ages to save up that much

ahh it's not a problem, but you say you only have £4 to live off? why not just wait for abit until it comes down or buy the last years edition.. i know that works out £2.95 preowned here plus postage!


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well its about 4 quid, dont have to live off it as me mum pays for the bills and all that stuff, we got some jobs on later in the year so i can pay for the ps3 and game then, ill take a look at the amazon link but we really wanted fifa 11 as our m8s have it

ahh i see, well best of luck and hope you get it at the cheapest price as obviously i don't agree with the additional amount they put onto the premium just to pay monthly!

AND Another Very Bad Post.

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Don't be spending this kind of money on a PS3! The new 250GB models were going for £160 recently. Surely you can save up for that a lot quicker?

I agree that this is a bad deal, but wrt cubed: I think the 160GB / 320GB models are newer than the 250GB models and have a newer chipset.

For reference: en.wikipedia.org/wik…n_3

I guess the op misinterpreted this as coldukdeals.com
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