playstation 3 - £429 in-store @ Woolworths
playstation 3 - £429 in-store @ Woolworths

playstation 3 - £429 in-store @ Woolworths

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in woolworths at the metrocentre and they had playstation 3 in...60 gig ones...i did not think that you could buy them anymore...second had 60 gigs are fetching upto £500 on ebay and these were going for £429


Added "£429 in-store @ Woolworths" to title, to let people know a bit more about the thread...

Good find as they are incredibly rare, but I've just seen that Sony has announced an 80GB PS3 Metal Gear Solid Pack (with Dual Shock 3 Wireless controller) to be released in the US in late Q2 2008, for $499.

I guess it'll also be released in Europe at some point, so i haven't voted and will wait for that.

i think people have calmed down now , just done a completed listings for 60gb ps3 on ebay, prices from £145 up (yes some lucky guy/girl got one for that price) . a lot seem to end around the £350 mark for a console on its own.

Well, I'm hesitant to vote either way. If rumours of future versions of PS3 are going prove fruitful in the uk, I would probably just recommend waiting until they become available. If you really need a PS3 that has at least some degree of backwards compatibility right now, then... go for it.

However, I am somewhat doubtful that Woolworths across the country as a whole will have them, you will probably need to get quite lucky to find one.

As I understand it, the 80Gb unit will be a 40Gb PS3 with a larger drive in it. If you want backward compatibility with PS2 games, 4 USB ports and card reader slots you need a 60Gb model. The PS3 can be upgraded to a 250Gb drive if required and does not invalidate your warranty.

I have to 60Gb model and make gret use of the extra bits.

New MGS4 80gb unit does have bc.....what a deal. Its just replacing the current motorstorm pack


Very much doubt Europe will get it !!

looks like i got a bargain @ £250 for a 60gb one..

As far as I understand it, PS3s are region free aren't they? Wouldn't it be possible to import one of these models, and play games on them here? (ie would it play the PAL PS2 games?)

Good luck trying to import one! After the closure of Lik-Sang a while back for importing Sony stuff, no-one likes to do it anymore Check out games on Play-Asia, they're all region-free but they won't send to Europe

What about from America?

The only place I can find is Canadian ones, which put delivery at £50-100, and although the PS3 games are region free, PS2 games are not and you would only be able to play America PS2 games on an America PS3.

Oh well. Guess it's cheaper just to buy a replacement PS2 for my launch one which just broke after many years of loyal service.

If you look, there are lots of places that will export a PS3 for you. (e.g. pricejapan.com/ ) And there are american business that make a living shipping stuff abroad.
I got my Asian PS3 from [url]www.superufo.com[/url] well before they were out here, and it cost me around £275 for a jap 20GB version. I upgraded the HDD to a 100GB. It has no Wi-Fi (I have mine hardwired, so I dont care!)
I buy all my Blu-rays from America, as they are much cheeper. I am currently playing 'God of War II' which looks great upscaled ! (this was one of the original Ps3's so it has the full emotion engine, no compatibility nonsence
There are websites that will send Ps3 games too. I think the inital stress from Sony was just because places like lik-sang were shipping to places before the console was officially released there..

Yes, but the important thing for me is that the US/Jap ones will not play my Pal PS2 games.(it seems)

Jecht Murray;1644834

Yes, but the important thing for me is that the US/Jap ones will not play … Yes, but the important thing for me is that the US/Jap ones will not play my Pal PS2 games.(it seems)

This is true. Ps2 games from us/jpn are quite cheap tho, if you know where to go. . .
(playasia for example.)

I would really rather not rebuy my collection of PS and PS2 games.
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