Playstation 3 (60 GB HDD) + Sony SIXAXIS Wireless Controller (Good Deal!!)
Playstation 3 (60 GB HDD) + Sony SIXAXIS Wireless Controller (Good Deal!!)

Playstation 3 (60 GB HDD) + Sony SIXAXIS Wireless Controller (Good Deal!!)

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This is my second deal so if it is a bit lame then sorry, but i just wanted to let people know that shop.to are selling a ps3 with two controlle pads for only £350, i would recommend this deal and i would like to tell people that shop.to are very reliable!

Here are the specs for the ps3. (sorry its long)

The PlayStation 3 will have a 3.2GHz Cell processor that consists of a single PowerPC-based core with seven synergistic processing units. The Cell processor will also be powerful enough to drive a new class of gameplay physics impossible to run on older console hardware. The PS3 will be able to simulate cloth and fluid, as well as large-scale rigid-body interactions with hundreds and thousands of objects colliding on screen

Synthesizing Reality

Sony will pair the Cell with a very powerful graphics processor based on advanced Nvidia technology. The end result of that collaboration is the PlayStation 3 RSX "Reality Synthesizer" graphics-processing unit, a massive 550MHz, 300-million-transistor graphics chip based on advanced GeForce graphics technology. The PlayStation 3 has 256MBs of Rambus XDR memory and 256MBs of GDDR3 memory dedicated to graphics. Nvidia also claims that the RSX can take advantage of the combined 512MBs of memory, since it is capable of writing directly to system memory, but the 256MBs dedicated to graphics memory should be plenty for now. The increased graphics memory bandwidth and storage space will let developers use high-resolution textures and enable antialiasing for incredibly detailed, jaggy-free graphics. The programmable shader capabilities greatly increase graphics efficiency, letting game developers create advanced effects such as subsurface scattering and other advanced lighting effects. We expect most game developers to target native 720p and 1080i HD resolutions, as 1080p screens are still fairly rare.

Media Mogul

The 2.5" portable hard drives supply the system with much-needed storage space for network downloads, applications, and home-server capabilities. Additionally, games will use the hard drive for game saves.

The 60GB PlayStation 3 has an enormous number of inputs and outputs, some wired, some not. The console features a front-slot-loading Blu-ray optical-disc drive, four USB ports, and a memory stick, as well as compact flash and SD readers to provide for an absurd level of media connectivity.

Looking a lot like an oversized PSP interface, the PS3�s main menu, labelled the Cross Media Bar, is an attractive, familiar and stress-free way of experiencing the full force of the PlayStation 3�s impressive media capabilities.


Every player can create their own unique user profile!


Tailor the way you want your PS3 to work.


Store your personal digital photo albums

Use any of the various slideshow options to view


Play music CDs

Connect to the internet to obtain detailed album information including album title and artist

Copy CDs directly to your hard disk drive (HDD)

Store and listen to other formats of audio/music files


Play Blu-ray Discs� (BD) and DVDs

Connect your digital video camera directly to your PlayStation 3 with a USB cable

Store and watch your own videos

Download exclusive video content from PlayStation Store and the PlayStation 3 Portal


Play PlayStation 3 games on high definition Blu-ray discs

Play compatible PlayStation 2 and PSone game discs.


Your portal to the PlayStation 3�s full lineup of impressive online functions.


The full list of your online friends

Blu-ray Disc

Sony will equip each PlayStation 3 system with a Blu-ray optical-disc drive that can play games and movie discs. Each Blu-ray disc can hold up to 54GB worth of data, which should virtually guarantee that games won't be left wanting for extra media spa.

The PlayStation 3 also comes with support for many of the older disc formats, including CR-ROM, CDR+W, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, and DVD+R. The system will also be backward compatible with PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games.

Newly revealed specifications from E3 06 show that the system will arrive with only one Ethernet port. The 60GB version of the PlayStation 3 will also come with Wi-Fi built-in.

The reality is that the 60GB drive will likely prove much more useful than the 20GB drive if you wish to take advantage of the additional media functionality.


50 GB Blu-ray Discs offer vast storage capacity for high-definition games and movies.

Pristine Picture Quality:

Pristine picture quality at 1080p � the highest-definition resolution available today.

Theatre-quality Audio:

Theatre-quality audio with 7.1 channel surround sound.

Home Entertainment Content:

Widespread industry support for Blu-ray from major movie studios including Sony, Warner, Paramount, Fox and Disney, with Casino Royale expected to be available for the PS3's launch.

Recordable Media:

Re-recordable using a separate Blu-ray recorder, Bu-ray media discs can be used to store multiple media, including photographs, home videos, music libraries and data, as well as games and movies.


The PlayStation 3 controller Sony introduced at E3 last year resembled what can very easily be described as a "batarang," in reference to Batman's bat-shaped throwing weapon. At E3 2006, Sony revealed the new controller, which heavily resembles the traditional DualShock design. The L2 and R2 shoulder buttons located on the top of the controller have also been enlarged, with increased depth in stroke for more subtle game control. Sony has also enlarged the tilting angle of the analog joysticks to enable more delicate manipulation and a wider range of motion. Whereas the analog sticks on the DualShock controller for the PlayStation 2 had 8-bit sensitivity, the new controller will have 10-bit motion detection.

The new controller has two analog sticks, the usual four-button complement on the right side, and four top-side trigger buttons. However, in Nintendo Wii fashion, the new PlayStation 3 controller will also have motion-sensing capabilities. Sony's Phil Harrison stated that the controller is capable of sensing motion in six degrees: up, down, left, right, forward, and backward. Even with the added functionality, the controller will weigh no more than the wired DualShock controller, according to Harrison. Dylan Jobe of Incognito Studios proceeded to demonstrate the controller's motion sensitivity in Warhawk, a jet-based fighter game. He tilted the controller to control the orientation of his aircraft. Tilting the controller upward caused the aircraft to point its nose in the air and shifting the sides of the controller up and down caused the aircraft to tilt in a similar manner. Additionally, the controller will no longer feature force-feedback vibration. Sony claims that the feedback vibration would interfere with games that use the motion sensor. The new PlayStation 3 controller will be wireless, but it will function via Bluetooth 2.0 EDR.

Also, you will be able to recharge the controller by connecting it to the PlayStation 3 with a USB cable. The controller will be functional while tethered to the system and will also be hot pluggable, which means you can plug and unplug controllers while the system is on.


Sony�s PlayStation Network is the PlayStation 3�s answer to Xbox Live. There�s one big difference, however; unlike Microsoft�s service, the PlayStation Network will be free to use, with no subscription fee.

Instead of this, games publishers will be free to charge their own online fees � a procedure already in place for the majority of Massively Multiplayer PC Online RPGs. How widespread this will become for online PS3 titles is yet to be seen, though the promise of both free and premium pay-to-download content, including music, videos and even games for PS3 and PSP, is encouraging.

Add that to a free-to-surf online web browser, full friends list function and online messaging, and the PS3�s Playstation Network could be a successful first foray for Sony into the world of mass media online entertainment.

Online Gaming

Online multiplayer games

Globally unique online IDs

Demos available on PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store

Exclusive PlayStation 3 downloadable games

Free playable game demos

PSone games playable on PSP

High-Definition movie and game trailers

Friends and Messaging

Friends list

Text messages

Audio and video chat

Browse the Internet

Built-in PlayStation 3 Internet Browser

Up to six windows open at once

Easy access to the internet

PSP Conectivity

The PlayStation Portable will be able to work with the new console. The PSP will be able to function as a remote control or as a sort of controller for the PlayStation 3. To demonstrate the possibilities of PSP-to-PS3 connectivity, Harrison showed off Formula 1, a PS3 racing game, which could output a video stream to the PSP that lets the player use the portable as a rearview mirror while playing the game on the PS3. Use the PlayStation 3�s compatibility with advanced storage devices to move information between your PSP and PlayStation 3 systems. Includes watching videos, viewing photo files and playing music files saved on a Memory Stick Duo�.


Product name: PLAYSTATION 3

CPU: Cell Processor


Sound: Dolby 5.1ch, DTS, LPCM, etc. (Cell-based processing)

Memory: 256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM

HDD: 2.5� Serial ATA ? (20GB) ? (60GB)

I/O: USB 2.0 ? (x4)

MemoryStick /SD/CompactFlash - ?

Communication: Ethernet ? (x1 / 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)

IEEE 802.11 b/g - ?

Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR) ?

Wireless controller (Bluetooth) ?

AV Output: Screen size 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p

HDMI OUT - ? (x1 / HDMI NextGen)



BD/DVD/CD Drive (Read Only): Maximum Read Speed BD 2x (BD-ROM)


CD 24x (CD-ROM)


Dimensions: Approximately 325mm (W) x 98mm (H) x 274mm (D)

Weight: Approximately 5 kg

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