Playstation 3 80GB + (Motorstorm Pacific Rift Or LBP Or Resistance Fall of Man 2) + PS3 Mega Pack £299.99 @ Argos

Playstation 3 80GB + (Motorstorm Pacific Rift Or LBP Or Resistance Fall of Man 2) + PS3 Mega Pack £299.99 @ Argos

Found 19th Nov 2008
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Argos are again doing a deal on the PS3 80GB, where you can get the console + one of the games + the Megapack for £299.99

The first deal that expired about 2 weeks ago was for the
(PS3 80GB + LBP + GT Prologue + Mega pack) for £299.99, so maybe this current deal is less appealing to some. But I found the Motorstorm to be a much better game that the GT prologue - so works well for me.

BTW I just picked one up, and bought Saints Row 2 for £294.38 All in using MBNA lifestyle - so excellent value.
PS3 80GB + Saints Row 2 + Motorstorm + Megapack for £294.38

Don't forget Quidco if ordering online


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The mega pack…htm

A vertical stand.
A 2.4 GHz wireless controller that uses 6 Axis technology.
An HDMI cable
A PS3 DVD remote control - I think.

To be honest you can sell it on ebay for around £15 I think to recoup some of the cost



what is a MEGA PACK !!!!!!!!????

wouldnt of it been easier just to look on the argos website and see for yourself instead of relying on others to do it for you :whistling:

He's to busy making a cuppa for gawds sake.........:thumbsup:

I,m gona wait until after xmas to buy one, should be some price drops there. console wars are hotting up, xbox are cheaper by the day, wii are coming down, must be sonys turn to cut prices soon.:thumbsup:

"STARTS: 19/11/2008..."

"Resistance 2" isn't out in the UK until 28 November 2008!?!



how did you get ps3 + saints row + motorstorm + mega pack for £300?

in the site it only says you get ps3 + 1 game + pack for £300. not 2 games.


far better deal here…th/

the mega pack is rubbish (not even a sony remote control either)
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