Playstation 3 for £382.49 in HMV (online or in store) & 2% quidco
Playstation 3 for £382.49 in HMV (online or in store) & 2% quidco

Playstation 3 for £382.49 in HMV (online or in store) & 2% quidco

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I'm trying my hardest to get this cheaply so what about this:

Take out a new HMV credit Card - 1st purchase = 10% off
Go through Quidco - 10% off

Total charge £339.99

I reckon students (with a good credit rating) could do the same in-store with their student card.

MOD EDIT - Quidco on consoles would probably be 2% only


[SIZE=2]Quidco will only give 2% on Consoles and not 10% - still a good price if the £10% HMV Credit Card thing is correct though[/SIZE]

Nice idea, but when I tried with my Xbox 360, I don't think the 10% discount counted due to it being on gaming hardware (even on a first purchase). I'll go back and check.

P.S. I've Just been reading all the new Sony "Elite" PS3 stories going around the net (to counter the "Elite" Xbox 360), Sony's document apparently asks for changes to it's current PS3 including an updated Bluetooth system and Larger 80GB Hard Drive built in.

I'm a games fan (have been for a loooong time, but even I admit this is just getting silly now. :roll:

Not sure this one will fly as the website states that they will only give you up to £250 credit on their card. Would be worth it if you could though.

Viggy_Value - we don't usually include quidco on the price shown here. Not everyone uses it, but mentions it in the post as you have done. I'll edit the post a little to reflect this.

Additionally, as Jez says, there's prob only 2% on it. Welcome to HUKD! There's a help thread in my sig for newcomers help and advice.

anyone know if you would be able to use hmv/waterstone's vouchers to pay off the credit card balance? probably a long shot but:

barclay's students get 15% off waterstone's vouchers which are valid in hmv hmv own waterstone's).

Therefore: £425 - 10% - 15% = £318.75

With the card you can make only £250 of purchases - and they wont let you pay the odd over that so wont work on ps3.
azz I don't think you can pay a credit card (which obviously wont be provided by HMV directly just in association with them) using vouchers.
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